Jan 28, 2013

+1000 Clicks Give-Away

Alright maybe I cheated a little, but I really didn't know that commenting on a dawanda facebook post with a link to my blog would give me this many clicks on one day. And the link was related to the post, so yay, whatevs.

I was thinking to celebrate I'd do a little give-away. Just comment below if you want to get some mail with either a slide or an ice-cream necklace.

I'll draw the 2 winners on wednesday evening.



Winners are chosen! Everyone won! Except for Ken :P
It's my first give-away, so I'll mail out goodies to all four people that commented, except for my fiancè. YAY


  1. glückwunsch zu so vielen Fans :)

    und: ice cream!! :D

  2. yay, that sounds good :) wish you and your blog all the best! and: i scream for ice cream!

  3. So schnell wird man zur Blogger-Berühmheit...fast. Aber du bist jedenfalls schonmal auf einem guten weg dahin. Deine Basteleien fetzen auch! Und ich mag Dias. :-)

  4. ICE-ICE-Baby!

  5. I want something. So greedy, give me, give me, give me,gimme gimme gimmegimmegimme! Please?


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