Oct 3, 2016

The Truth is Out There ~ X-Files upcycled T-Shirt & Podcast

During my summer break I got invited by my friends Mia & Hanna to be a special guest on their podcast Flimmerfeen. For each episode they pick a TV show from the 80s&90s and take apart one episode from the series. For my guest appearance we chose an episode from the X-Files! You can listen to the Podcast here, it's in german though.
Next to Buffy and Angel the X-Files was my favorite tv show growing up. I remember being really creeped out by some of the monster of the week episodes, wasn't a huge fan of the alien abduction storyline, but Mulder was definitely my favorite! And it's the perfect show to watch in the fall, when it starts to get dark early in the evening and especially on foggy days. Doing the podcast inspired me to upcycle this purple t-shirt with a galaxy pattern and the tagline of the show "The Truth is Out There!".

So I gathered all of my fabric paints on the balcony that would work for the galaxy pattern.

I started with the spray paints, because they are the easiest to apply. I used all the light colours that would show up on the purple best. On the back of the shirt I tried to kind of make a flying saucer shape, but I don't think that turned out too well.

Next I sprayed on somewhite paint with an old toothbrush. You just thin out the paint with a little bit of water and put it on the toothbruck and flick it with your finger to spray little white dots all over like stars.

So messy!
I hung up the T-Shirt to dry completely. Then I began to cut out letters to form the words "the truth is out there".
I cut out the letters on interfacing which I would just have to iron on the shirt.

After ironing on the letters I still wasn't quite satisfied with the way the T-Shirt was looking, so I used some bleach in a spray bottle to intensify the galaxy pattern.

To give more depth to the pattern I used the white fabric paint to add a few more stars to the front and back of the shirt.

I also made the image of the flying saucer on the back of the shirt more clear and added a beam of light that makes it look like they are about to abduct someone or something.

Inspired by the wonderful Anne from The Partywoods I had a photoshoot in the woods to show off my new new upcycled T-Shirt. Also a lot of X-Files episodes take place in the woods, the one we talked about in the podcast was actually about ancient woodland creatures, so the photoshoot's pretty fitting and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Romie for taking the pictures!



I really like how it turned out! That's the fun part about crafting, you never know how it is going to turn out. It also matches my new pair of glasses.

If you want to check out the podcast you can follow the Flimmerfeen on Soundcloud. I just recently got into podcasts myself and am obsessed with "My favorite Murder" at the moment.
Alright, stay sexy & don't get abducted!

Sep 19, 2016

Visit me at my Pixelart Workshop at DaWanda's Long Night of DIY!

After visiting many workshops the time has finally come for me to host my own diy workshop this Saturday(September 24th) in Berlin! And what better place than at Dawanda's Long Night of DIY? It's the fourth time this event takes place and I've been to every one of them so far (201520142013) and to host my very own workshop there is so exciting!

We're going to be making lots of awesome Pixelart with melting beads! I'm going to bring a lot of pattern ideas, but the cool thing about melting beads is that you can turn them into anything at all. Whether it's just a cute design or an intricate pattern, we got all day to do it together!
Coasters, necklaces, earrings, hairclips, picture frame... there are so many possibilities to get creative with melting beads. I made a Pinterest board to collect some ideas to bring to the workshop.

These are some of the designs I've made in preparation of the workshop:


*Pokemon cup by Kirakiradoodles

So if you're in Berlin this saturday I am very much looking forward to meeting you and being creative together! I will be at the event all day, it is completely free and there is no registration necessary.
Hope to see you there <3

Long Night of DIY (Lange Nacht des Selbermachens)
Karstadt Hermannplatz 5-10, 10967 Berlin
September 24th, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sep 17, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 08'16

~ The new Harry Potter book came out! I read it all the way through in one evening, but to be honest I was a little underwhelmed. It was great to go back to Hogwarts with a new generation of wizards, but the story felt a little bit off. I'm pretty sure I would still love the play as it's not supposed to be a written story, but a played out one.
~ A new addition to our record shelf: The Star Wars - The Force Awakens Soundtrack on vinyl. What's special about this vinyl is that it has a holographic 3D image etched into it, so when it spins you can see the Millenium Falcon and a Tie Fighter pop up like magic! (The husband also wanted me to point out that he made the X-Wing on top of the record player btw.)
~Speaking of nerdy stuff: How cool are these back to school supplies? Found them at a supermarket and as I used to be a science geek I love the periodic table design. 16 year old me would have been super stoked to own any of those gadgets.

~ Went to my favorite thrift store again. It's the one that's in our wedding location in Karow, a bit more outside of the city and a real insider tip for thrifting addicts! The prices are incredible and I always find some really cool vintage treasures and other kooky stuff.
~ They pretty much offer anything second hand except for furniture and I love the look of the location as it is set in an old barn. I was actually going to take some pictures for a blog post finally and took my camera with me. But I forgot my memory card in my laptop...
~ These were my thrift finds: two dresses, two shirts and a brand spanking new Harry Potter Cluedo (seriously, it even had all the pieces still in their punch out cardboard thingies!). The Cluedo was the "most expensive" item at 2€... I told you, this thrift store is awesome! Too bad they only open about once a month on the weekend.

Have you checked out my report on the DIY Blogger workshop with Viking yet? I had so much fun with those girls and we did some awesome crafts:
Screenprinting & Calligraphy!

~ So glad I went to the Pure&Crafted Festival again this year. Last year was a spontaneous ball of fun and since I knew the lovely Lu would be there again I got myself a ticket for both festival days. 
~ Of course we had to visit our crazy friends at the Motodrom again. That show was still soo exhilarating!
~ I'll drink to that! Whiskey Sour's my favorite. They even had a Cherry &Apple whiskey sour, yum!

~ The music at this festival was actually secondary for me as I really loved the vibe and atmospere as much as the last year, and of course, the charming company! One of the musical highlights was actually a smaller act on friday afternoon: Tim Vantol, a dutch singer-songwriter who can fill a large venue with his voice even without a mic. Very impressive!
~ Room with a view: The outside area was mostly for the motorbike exhibits, the so called Wheels Area.
~ Another highlight was Noel Gallagher & his band The High Flying Birds. Especially because the atmosphere was so perfect with the sun going down on the open air stage, like I said before, the music was almost secondary.
~ Oh my Goodness: Another clear highlight of the festival was the live punk rock karaoke. After Lu proved her talent on friday night I had a whole day to think about it and when my colleague Sarah proposed singing a song together I heard myself say: Sure, why not. Say whaaaaat? And we did it! We sang Mr Brightside by The Killers and it was awesome!
~ It was really a great experience to stand on a stage in front of so many people with a whole band in the back and a friend by your side <3
~ All in all it was another extraordinary festival weekend with lots of lovely people, good music and fun&drinks. I'll have the same again next year, please!

~ Another great concert experience was an acoustic gig by Skinny Lister at the Ramones Museum. I loved their opening act at the Frank Turner concert in January and this time was no different!
~ They even played one song in the middle of the audience, talk about close encounters! 5/5 Bazooka Points for one sweaty fun mess!
~ There's a new Banh Mi place in town and they had a fun opening party with free sandwiches and Tiger beer. That's what I call a fine way to end a Monday!
~ My pal Sophie was in town for some wedding dress shopping (spoiler: we found one!) and on the way to a fantasy Film Fest movie showing we found a moose. So we took a photo ;)
~ A tribute to Rob from Threadbanger. If you know him, you know what this is about.
~ The Dresden Dolls got back together for a show in New York. I was asleep during the show, so I watched the recorded stream on my second screen at work the next day. That's what the second screen is for, right? I wish they would come together for more shows, so I could see them again! 4/5 Bazooka Points for only being on screen...
~ The beautiful Imany came to our offices to showcase a couple of songs from the new album. 4/5 Bazooka Points for still being breathtaking even though she had a cold.
~ One of my highlights for next month! I got invited to the Bridget Jones's Baby premiere!!! OMG, so exciting!
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