Dec 25, 2017

Bazooka Arts ~ Spooky & Geeky Art by Dolores

A couple of months ago the dear Dolores asked me if I would be interested in any sort of collaboration with her art and after checking out her portfolio I was definitely impressed. Her art reminds me of the spooky and kooky designs of Tim Burton and also Salad Fingers (anyone remember those weird videos?). Definitely my kind of art! So I was more than delighted to receive a package from her with a shirt for the husband, a couple of pin buttons for me and a bunch of awesome postcards with various designs. In return for those goodies I took pictures of everything I got to present it to you in this post.

These are the postcards I got:

'Tis the Season! I sent out all of these postcards as christmas cards this year. I was particularly fond of the "Happy Shrunken Head Christmas"card.

<3 For all of you lovely veggies out there!

"happy non-birthday"
"for EVER"
"Outburst of courage" (Or as I would like to translate it: You can't spell courage without rage!)

"No braaaaain, No pain"
"expression dance out of line"
"my condolences"
"Tears will eventually return to the people that caused them"

"he stumbled"

And now for the T-Shirt! I really had a lot of fun with this photo shoot. The husband didn't :P
At least he really liked the T-Shirt he got out of it, otherwise I don't know if I would have gotten him to be my model.
We took these pictures in the shed in the back of our garden. Those spider webs must be at least 15 years old and the garden gnome even older! Definitely a fitting location for this shoot.
What a handsome model, right? And the T-Shirt is also great ;)

The same design also made it onto a button pin which I really liked.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this photo shoot, especially because I was really excited to support this artist. If you want to see more of Dolores' work you should check out her Website:
And if you also want to own any of her art just write her a mail at <> and mention this blog post to get a special deal!

And because it was so much fun, here are some outtakes from the photo shoot:


*I took quite a few photos before I noticed that the garden gnome looked like a penis...

Are you an artist? Do you want to get featured on Bazooka Arts? Just write me a message if you think I might like your stuff! I'm hoping to make this into a new blog series.

Nov 29, 2017

Picturesque Month 08'&09'&10'17

~ My favorite (Murder) Mug! Stay sexy and don't get murdered & dehydrated with my MFM DIY's.
~ Speaking of dehydrated. It's been way too long since my last wine-soaked girls night.
~ Also don't forget to stay hydrated during crafting. Drinking out of my new fancy wine glasses helps.

~ Fancy wine glass with fancy breakfast watching silly tv cartoons. Stay squanchy!
~ Birthday Dinner with the Birthday husband. We had delicious Korean food.

~ Made homemade butterbeer for a magical movie night: We watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them!
~ Got this awesome old globe at the fleamarket for only 5€. The husband wants to turn it into a bar.
~ My dear friend Sonja just had a baby and we threw her a surprise baby party. I made her this cute mushroom plush music box as a gift.

~ Loving my new art prints of Harry Potter inspired Herbology by Zentaurius. They found a nice spot on our craft room wall next to my new Aloe plant.
~ Got some new nerdy swag. Every couple of months we get to raid the Bravado storage where they sell all the sample clothes.
~ Went to play our very first VR Exit Game, it was very cool, but the equipment is pretty bulky and wearing glasses didn't help much with the huge goggles you have to wear. It's the first game I couldn't finish, because it was really tricky in the end.

Year 3 of Pure & Crafted Festival fun with my dear Lu. We had a blast as expected and it was a close to perfect festival experience with friends and drinks and sun.
Of course we had to go see the amazing feller's at the Motodrom again. It's a thrill every time!

~ Saw Bill Murray live at our annual sales convention Universal Inside. Such a charmer!
~ Gregory Porter also made an appearance and sang the Nat Kind Cole classic "Smile" for us.
Other guests at this year's convention were Benny Anderson (ABBA), The Kelly Family, Lang Lang, Jared Leto, David Garrett & Wanda.
~ As usual it was an afterparty to be remembered. Even though I should have left a little earlier due to a terrible cold...

In the same week as the Universal Inside the Preis für Popkultur took place, which is an alternative to the german Grammys, the Echo. Instead of just rewarding the bestsellers, the artists and projects are nominated and voted for by music industry people like myself. The finaly vote goes to a jury, so the winners are a secret until the show itself. It was a great show and I really hope this will replace the Echo eventually.

~ Sadly my collection of music festival bracelets didn't grow any more after the Preis für Popkultur because my cold was getting so bad that I canceled going to Lollapalooza.
~ Fall is here! Acorns always remind me of my favorite Hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his adventures.
~ Visited the Kawaii Festival, organized by one of my favorite german Youtubers Breedingunicorns. They had all kinds of japanese goodies and since I'm a huge Matcha Fan I got all of the green tea snacks including an intense but delicious Matcha cheesecake.

~ Got invited to the Fellowes on the Move blogger event by Viking where we learned about Ergonomics and how to stay healthy at the workplace. Fellowes showed us their Sit/Stand desk solutions, which are great if you sit in an office all day like myself.
~ What's most important about staying healthy is what you put into your body! That's why we got treated to some fresh green smoothies.
~ Of course you  have to treat your body inside and out. Got a super relaxing back massage (can all blogger events please come with a personal masseur?) and then we had a personal trainer show us a few easy excercises that can help after a long day of sitting at work.

Went to my first Reeperbahnfestival! It was so awesome and I learned so much. Really makes me appreciate working in such a creative industry and getting to know so many cool people through the years. So grateful for the chance to educate myself and possibly further my career in the music industry.

~ My highlight of the musical part of the festival: Faber. This young swiss guy really knows how to play a live show and make a lady's netherregions all tingly ;)
~ Another highlight was Beth Ditto. We barely made it into this one, but it was definitely worth it. What a woman!
~ Got to be at Max Raabe's album prelistening event. Free champagne at Soho House.. that says it all!

~ Another concert highlight this year: Lorde! Her performance was spectacular. 
~ I remember seeing her at Clärchens Ballhaus 4 years ago when her fist album got released and she hasn't lost any of the charm and energy she had back then.
Charles Pasi, a french gentleman with a gentle voice singing jazz, blues and a little bit of rock'n'roll.

Faber again. Can't blame me, can you?
Siegfried & Joy, a hillarious magical duo. Very entertaining, but I've seen better magic ;)
Skinny Lister, shanty punk galore!

~ Pumpkin Spice Matcha Latte to celebrate fall.
~ Got myself the Buffy comic omnibus. I started the 8th season a while ago, but never finished, so I'm excited to see how the story continues.
~ Got a little crafty one night and made some geeky accessoires with LEGOs, melting beads and a bat cocktail pin.

And thus we enter Halloween time, the most wonderful time of the year:

~ Made these cute decorative bats from craft foam.

~ Have you seen my Jack O'Lantern Vegan Pumpkin Quiche yet? It was delicious! And spooky. What else could you want from a quiche?
~ It's the eyeeeeeeees of the Pumpkin. Dum dada dum dada dum...

~ Finally got to test out the Basic Bitch Carving Kit from my favorite Youtubers Threadbanger.
~ I never get why people don't use the meat of Halloween pumpkins. It's still a vegetable! That means you can eat it...
~ Yes, I'm a design victim. 

~ My last minute Halloween costume: Anna von Schlotterstein (Der kleine Vampir/ The little Vampire). Had a little Halloween Get-Together with my girls. We even made a fire! Too bad we didn't get any trick or treaters.
~ Muahahahahahaaa.. evil pumpkin!
~ Sooo, there's a reason things have been a little more quiet than ususal on here. It's because we took on a new diy project. A big one. Like diy for life. It's a house! 

Check it out:

Yeah... it's official. We got a house! And it's in need of a lot of work. It's been crazy gettting started these past two months and we're not even close to moving in. I'm not sure how I will show you the process of fixing this house, but I will figure it out along the way. I was thinking of a new blog series called 'OMG We Got A House' (inspired by the OMG We Bought A House series by Mr. Kate). 
Exciting times for sure :D
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