Apr 18, 2012

File my curtains.

I decided to get some curtains for the kitchen, cause at night when the light is on you can look inside. Especially cause there's a tram station right outside the house and people walk by all the time.

I got the curtains from a second hand store called ReSales close to Stachus (Munich poeple will know where that is). And the idea of filing the curtains came from here.

Since I work in an office and we just threw out a bunch of old ringbinders (and I hate throwing away stuff that's still usable) this was my new project:

I needed 4 ringbinder clips to attach to one window. Sprayed them white first.

Then pink.

I cut out some cardboard and painted it pink to glue to the back of the clip for a better grip on the window, since I couldn't really screw it on.

And then clip clip clip clip... filed curtains!

Apr 16, 2012

Build me a castle

I made a castle. I don't know what I'll use it for, maybe plant a flower in the middle. And there's room for stuff in the towers too.

Here's how I did it:
I used 4 used up toilet paper rolls, 4 plastic cups, 1 plastic fruit container and lots and lots of paper towels.

To put all the ingredients together to build the shape of my castle I used painter's tape, because it's mostly paper. Then to put the little pieces of paper towel onto the shape I mixed a bowl of wallpaper paste. I put about four layers of paper to shape it up just fine.

I let it dry for about a day or two. And then I coloured it, castle colours! Using an edding for the details and finishing it up with gold and silver paint.

Just a silly little side project :)

Apr 5, 2012

Window balkony

I like planting things. It makes me feel like I'm creating life.

Since we don't have a balcony in our apartment and our window sills are very slim I had to take matters into my own hands.

First I drilled holes into the window sill, 2 for each balcony flower box.

Then I screwed the water collectors on to the window sill.

After that I put the flower boxes in their place on the water collectors. Since the window sill is kinda uneven I attached a strong string going through some holes in the boxes and under the sill. The ends of the string is held by the closed window, so there's no chance the boxes can fall down!

View from inside with the windows closed:

I planted various herbs and some vegetables, though my mom said I'm silly for planting carrots in a box.

Apr 3, 2012

Projects from the past: Kitchen Buffet

March 14, 2011

This Project was originally posted on Craftster here.

When I first saw this kitchen buffet at our local thrift store I instantly fell in love with it. And my boyfriend instantly hated it!
It took a couple of weeks and several visits to that thrift store for me to ask if they would lower the price on it. The price tag said 99€ and it's been at the store for a while.
So they were willing to sell it to me for 50€ plus 20€ for transportation (because in Germany no one my age owns a car, especially in the city).
When they shipped it to my place one of the feet broke off, so they reduced the total price to 50€... deal!

This is what the bottom part looked like after screwing off the first door to see how the paint would turn out.

Top part:

Notice the lovely keys.

Also some weird symbols on the back of the top part.
A fellow Craftster mentioned, that there could have been wallpaper, kitchenpaper or something on it that etched acid paint into the wood.

Here you can see my lovely boyfriend scraping away the paint, actually only roughening it up so that the new paint would stay on.

He still hated the thing, but I had promised him that when we would be done he'd love it!

And here he is painting the skeleton of the cupboard. We chose grey for the skeleton of the cupboard and a light purple (indian rose) for the doors, well, I chose it ...

Almost finished! We still needed doorknobs and space in the kitchen to put it.

Notice the Alien gift paper wrap on the top shelf!

Got the doorknobs at a hardware store and moved our ikea cupboards to the basement and here it is!

Took two weeks of work and alltogether cost about 100€.

I love it and my boyfriend likes it now...
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