May 26, 2014

Our Wedding Invitations

After making the Save the Date's ourself we started working on the design of our actual wedding invitations. We chose a frame we found online which connects two branches with a bow and topped off with a crown. The two branches represent the two families connecting and the crown stands for our merged last names: Krowns.

The invitation was actually designed with Microsoft's word and paint programs, so super simple. I printed the invitations and RSVP cards on a thick lavender paper and cut it out at home with my paper cutter and a punch cutter. Then I just had to punch a hole in the RSVP card, cut a thread and connect it to the card.
And voila. There's our invitations. Nothing too fancy. Just the way we are.

By now we have heard back from all our invited guests and are excited for every single one of them attending our wedding. 32 days to go!

This post will be part of the Creadienstag.

May 25, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 04'14

Been letting things slide a little on this blog. Mostly because of wedding planning madness I guess, just one more month to go! Well, here's April in pictures:

The month started out great by me winning whole weekend full of cultural events on the radio. It was the "Volle Packung Kultur" on Radio Eins and it included:
- a book reading by Ahne "Zwiegespräche mit Gott"
- a sewing class (first picture)
- a diving class (second picture)
- improvisation theatre play at Bühnenrausch
- Electro-Swing Revolution party (skipped on that one)
- museum "The Kennedys"
- audio-walk through the Berlin district Friedenau (third picture)
- asparagus dinner at Restaurant Friedrichs 106 (won't ever go there again, terrible service!)
What a weekend! Totally needed another weekend after all that activity. I was allowed to bring another person to all the events and it was so much fun!

The city was blooming in April! We had some lovely weather and the nature in the city was beautiful. Since we live a little bit out of the city center we enjoyed the nature while jogging, training for the Zombie Run in may!

Of course there was a lot of crafting too, although it was mostly crafting for the wedding, like these Origami wedding flowers. While crafting I love to listen to audio tapes and I just scored a bunch of Harry Potter audio tapes for really cheap at a flea market, so stoked!
The future husband was getting some crafting on as well. He finally finished the Batman on the cross, a project he started one year ago with his Munich fleamarket find.
Then of course we watched the awesome LEGO movie and Ken loved the Metalbeard LEGO set, so I bought it for him. And since my boss' son got the same set for easter and put it together in 3 hours, the man had to beat that time by a half! Oh snap, outdid a Nine-year-old!

Usually right here shows you the concerts I went to that month, but there was only one in April. It was a friend's band, the Snoffeltoffs at the White Trash Fast Food Closing party. I spend a lot of awesome party and concert nights at this venue, so it was sad to part with it, but it is reopening at another location. Must check it out soonish, especially for the burgers and the Rock'n'Roll Bingo!

On other news we enjoyed our first easter in our Berlin apartement all by ourselves with long breakfasts and Bob's Burgers. The weekend after easter we went on a Minication in our old hometown Munich and thrifted like madmen. Hope to make it there next year as well.

That was April, May's almost over and June (wedding&birthday month) is coming right up. Let the madness begin and pray for me not becoming a Bridezilla!

May 12, 2014

Weekend Trip to Munich ~ Fleamarket, thrifting and food!

A couple of weeks ago we went on a bus all the way down the A9 Autobahn to Munich, our old home. We hadn't been back since our move back to Berlin and the annual giant Spring Festival fleamarket was the perfect excuse to visit old friends and neighbourhoods and most importantly restaurants! Here are some impressions of this year's fleamarket:

One of the highlights of the fleamarket was of course this lifesize yoda statue. I don't even know if it was on sale, because I was too scared to ask for the price!
Of course you also shouldn't ask for the price of Star Wars merchandise while wearing a Star Wars sweater! Recognize the bag? It's the one I made at the Upcycling workshop in Hamburg.

Wearing sunglasses over glasses, that's how you do in Munich!
The last thing we found was an awesome toy dragon:

He's going to be the perfect Smaug for our glass cabinet at home.

These were my favorite fleamarket finds:
the stupendous Smaug (50cent)
The Hobbit boardgame (4€)
The Lord of the Rings boardgame (2,5€)

After roaming the fleamarket we were hungry for some chinese food at our favorite restaurant:

The Jackie Chan China Restaurant has got everything a chinese food lover wants plus an awesome name! Are you surprised that when we first went there it was only for the name?

Invigorated by various kinds of fried rice/noodles/vegetables we headed to my favorite second hand store in Munich, the "White Raven".

On the ground floor you can find lots of used furniture, electronics and rarities.

If you head upstairs there's glasses, silverwear, dishes and other kitchen and cooking supplies.
Right opposite to that is the textile area where you can find everything from wedding dresses to wifebeaters. This is actually where I found my wedding dress for the cicil registry office for only 4€, which I'll show off soon.

The last room is full of books and tapes and other media. They actually have a very large collection of english books as well and since there was a half price sale on children's books this time I bought 5 hard cover books of Harry Potter in english for only 12€ total. Strike!

In other news we went to eat burgers, visit the old neighbourhood(it's still exactly how we left it)drink beer,eat sushi & ice cream and hung out with a bunch of good friends. It was like we never left, but we did and I was so happy when we got home late at night on Sunday to drop into our bed in Berlin!
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