Oct 27, 2015

Double, Double Toil & Trouble, Witches Cauldron & Pumkpin Latte (well, actually Pillows)

Halloween is just around the corner and here's some last minutes crafts you could whip up as a ghouly decoration. The pumpkins are actually an all fall decoration, so you can take your time with it I suppose. Let's start with the slighty more elaborate project: The Witches Cauldron
I started with a perfectly round ballon that I popped on a waste basket for it not to roll away while I'm working on it. Any round container would do I suppose. I put some petroleum jelly(vaseline) on the ballon to prepare it for the next step.

Next I prepared some tapestry glue and ripped apart a bunch of newspaper advertising. I drenched the paper in glue and taped it all around the balloon in a few layers.
Then I let the bowl shape of paper dry upside down and it eventually just fell off the balloon as it was slighty deflating day by day!

The caudron legs are made of egg carton and glued on the bottom of the bowl and the rim is made of a long paper sausage glued round the edges. Cover this with a whole lot more glue and paper and let it dry and you're almost done!

Of course it needs to be black! Sing this song and paint paint paint and it'll come out looking something like this:
The pumpkins are actually a lot easier and faster to make. I didn't come around to taking pictures of the making process, but there are a lot of great tutorials for making these already and they can probably explain it better than I would anyways. Check out this one for example. Or this one. These are looking really cute as well, and the step by step tutorial is awesome! But be careful, you can not only make one, they are addicting!
And now here's a little photo session of my crafts while watching Hotel Transilvania (we were supposed to watch the new movie this weekend, but the husband got sick..).
Alright, have fun making these and a happy happy Halloween!!!
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