Oct 18, 2015

Our Thrifty & Crafty Wedding ~ The Wedding Ceremony

Been waiting for more wedding spam? Well, here it is!

Our ceremony was extra special, because we chose to have our dear friend Jessica marry us in a so called "free ceremony". That means it was free from state and church, since we already got "proper married" the day before at the court house, this was just for us. The ceremony was mostly in English (to the dismay of my relatives), as that's our common language, the language we shared when we fell in love. There was also mention of Zombies in our ceremony, twice actually... it was all about us, basically. And here's what it looked like:


You made it! I'm really very glad about booking a professional wedding photographer. She captured our feelings on this day so beautifully. Everything after the ceremony was pretty much a blur and it was really my favorite part of the whole wedding.

My dress was tailored by the way, because I couldn't find the right dress made in Germany. It was based on this Empire style dress.
We bought the husband's suit in a sale at Anson's.
The bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmans shirts are from C&A.
Or flower crowns were handmade in a Dawanda workshop with this tutorial by the lovely Lu.
The husband's bow tie was handmade by me one day before the wedding. It is made from the same fabric as my dresses bow.
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