Oct 25, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 09'16

~Went on a Minication to Hamburg with my dear friend Anna. Having Federweisser at the Elbfest.
~ Late night stroll on the Reeperbahn, Hamburgs most notorious party and red light district.
~ Fall has arrived early up north here.

~ We had perfect Hamburg weather the whole trip! There was less rain in London the same time last year!
~ Brunch at Mamalicious. It was yummylicious!

~ The reason we went on this trip in the first place: Ronan Keating in concert! My not so secret gulity pleasure from my teenage years.
~ Our AirBnB host had the coolest homemade furniture! For example he had this homemade bed made from wooden pallets with extractable table and benches.
~ My favorite thing to take home from a vacation is a thrifted piece of clothing. I found this awesome red cross kilo store where you can weigh your finds and pay per kilo of clothing. Took home a sweater shirt and an amazing dress with the coolest pattern: synchronised lady swimmers! Isn't that cool? A lady even went up to me and asked I wanted to buy it and whether it fit me... umm, rude? I didn't try it on in the store, but if it hadn't fit (which it did perfectly) I would have used the fabric for a sewing project.

The day had finally come for the Bridget Jones premiere! I am so lucky to be able to experience so many awesome things through my job at Universal Music and this was one of them. One of my colleagues got an invitation to this premiere and I bugged/sucked up to/gave chocolate for breakfast to her until she said I could come with her :P I've been a fan since the first movie, then read the books and even liked the second movie. The premiere was at the Zoopalast and I even got to walk on the pink carpet. Too bad they moved us off there before any of the celebrity guests would arrive, so I only got a small glimpse at them from inside, but of course Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth & Patrick Dempsey came into the movie cinema to speak to the audience and introduce the movie. We had to hand in our cell phones so I can't show you how close they were to us, you'll just have to believe me. The movie was sooo great! By now I have seen it a second time and I think I will even go for a third time. I loved seeing the dreamteam Darcy/Jones once again and Emma Thompson had an amazing guest appearance next to writing the script! I won't spoil the end for you if you haven't seen it already, but it was dreamy! If you want to know what a movie premiere is like: free champagne & popcorn, lots of c, d & e celebrities and free stuff (in this case: Bridget Jones tissues for happy tears and ArtDeco nail polish). Next up: Doctor Strange :D

~ Finally got to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers! They played a pretty small venue for a special Telekom Street Gig which was streamed live in 360° VR style. 4/5 Bazooka Points for these older gentlemen getting with the times!
~ It was voting time in Berlin! If you're able to vote, do it! Even if you don't follow politics regularly, it doesn't hurt to do some quick research and vote your conscience!
~ Lot's of preparation for my very first diy workshop. I made a name tag and a business card holder out of melting beads and my dear friend Sophie designed my very first business card for the blog!

~ And then the day of the workshop came! I'm going to publish my blog post on this real soon, so here's just a couple of teaser's. Thanks to lovely Lu from Luloveshandmade for this picture.
~ The first pixelart of the day!
~ Lu had her very own workshop as well and we had some time in the day to take some pictures with the awesome plush meat and sausages from Aufschnitt Berlin.

~ Escape Game double date with the husband's colleague and his wife. We got locked up in a prison!
~ Saw the hilarious Jimmy Carr live during his Funny Business tour through Europe. He came out after the show to chat with his fans and take selfies. He is very rude on stage, but such a sweetheart, really! I told him I was a huge fan of the big fat quiz and he said they'll be back very soon and Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade will be back. How did he know they were my fave's? ;)
~ Dawanda is turning 10 this year and I got invited to a very special blogger birthday party with an amazing cake, a terrific instagram raffle (#dawandatombola I won some cool concrete candle holders) and glitter crafting fun.

Oct 3, 2016

The Truth is Out There ~ X-Files upcycled T-Shirt & Podcast

During my summer break I got invited by my friends Mia & Hanna to be a special guest on their podcast Flimmerfeen. For each episode they pick a TV show from the 80s&90s and take apart one episode from the series. For my guest appearance we chose an episode from the X-Files! You can listen to the Podcast here, it's in german though.
Next to Buffy and Angel the X-Files was my favorite tv show growing up. I remember being really creeped out by some of the monster of the week episodes, wasn't a huge fan of the alien abduction storyline, but Mulder was definitely my favorite! And it's the perfect show to watch in the fall, when it starts to get dark early in the evening and especially on foggy days. Doing the podcast inspired me to upcycle this purple t-shirt with a galaxy pattern and the tagline of the show "The Truth is Out There!".

So I gathered all of my fabric paints on the balcony that would work for the galaxy pattern.

I started with the spray paints, because they are the easiest to apply. I used all the light colours that would show up on the purple best. On the back of the shirt I tried to kind of make a flying saucer shape, but I don't think that turned out too well.

Next I sprayed on somewhite paint with an old toothbrush. You just thin out the paint with a little bit of water and put it on the toothbruck and flick it with your finger to spray little white dots all over like stars.

So messy!
I hung up the T-Shirt to dry completely. Then I began to cut out letters to form the words "the truth is out there".
I cut out the letters on interfacing which I would just have to iron on the shirt.

After ironing on the letters I still wasn't quite satisfied with the way the T-Shirt was looking, so I used some bleach in a spray bottle to intensify the galaxy pattern.

To give more depth to the pattern I used the white fabric paint to add a few more stars to the front and back of the shirt.

I also made the image of the flying saucer on the back of the shirt more clear and added a beam of light that makes it look like they are about to abduct someone or something.

Inspired by the wonderful Anne from The Partywoods I had a photoshoot in the woods to show off my new new upcycled T-Shirt. Also a lot of X-Files episodes take place in the woods, the one we talked about in the podcast was actually about ancient woodland creatures, so the photoshoot's pretty fitting and was a lot of fun. Thanks to Romie for taking the pictures!



I really like how it turned out! That's the fun part about crafting, you never know how it is going to turn out. It also matches my new pair of glasses.

If you want to check out the podcast you can follow the Flimmerfeen on Soundcloud. I just recently got into podcasts myself and am obsessed with "My favorite Murder" at the moment.
Alright, stay sexy & don't get abducted!
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