Dec 18, 2016

DIY Star Wars Skirt (Upcycled Tie Fighter bedsheets)

I wanted to make something cool for visiting the first ever Berlin Comic Con, because what would be a better place to show off my geeky obsessions with a crafty and thrifty Outfit!
I found the Tie Fighter/Captain Phasma bedsheets at my favorite thrift market in Karow for only 2€! To make the skirt I followed this tutorial for a rectangle skirt on Youtube.

I started by taking apart the bedsheets and seperating the side with Captain Phasma's body from the side with the Tie Fighters. Then I took my measurements and cut out the fabric accordingly (check the video to find out how).

Since I wanted to use the fabric horizontally I had to cute out two large pieces to sew together. I tried to attach them exactly in the places where the pattern matched the other side.

Then I sewed the waistband together right sides facing each other, turned it inside out, so the seams are hidden inside and filled it with an elastic waistband. Sew it into a loop and we're almost ready to assemble the skirt!

Before doing that I hemmed the bottom of the skirt with two straight stitches. Then I tried to use the method from the video to gather the skirt on top, but it just didn't work out for me... so I ended up making a few creases all around the skirt by folding 1 cm every couple of cm to get to the same circumference as the waistband.

Now the only thing left is to attach the skirt to the waistband! I made sure to use a wide enough zig zag stitch to sew down the elastic waistband inside as well. Otherwise the elastic would turn around on itself inside the waistband, which can be really annoying!

And here's the skirt in action at the Comic Con Berlin (post coming soon!):

Partying at Alt Trifft Neu - Upcycling Blog Party

Nov 20, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 10'16

~The Greatest Thing you'll ever learn, is just to Love and be Loved in Return! One of my favorite movie quotes and the perfect thing to burn into a piece of wood for decorative reasons.
~ Especially when it's a present at a Moulin Rouge themed birthday party <3 I'm reading the face as a positive reception. Themed parties are the best, everyone was so pretty!
~ Visited the Maker Faire with the husband and ran into a bunch of robots. Who woulda thought? Well, there were also a bunch of 3D printers... if you've seen one, you've seen them all.

~ Saw the infamous Olli Schulz live again (for the first time after he became a tv/podcast sensation) and he was brilliant as usual! And he had Thees Uhlmann visiting as a special guest. 5/5 Bazooka Points for 3 hours of stories, power point presentations and of course music!
~ Niila at Huxley's. The venue was a little too big for this occasion, but that didn't taint the band's good mood. 3/5 Bazooka Points for the ridiculous construction worker look with that wifebeater and overall...
~ Not a concert, but an awesome thrift haul! Bought at the fleamarket in Karow and the Humana at Frankfurter Tor, some of my favorite thrifting locations in Berlin.

~ The husband and I went to the very first Berlin Comic Con and I got to take out my handmade Star Wars skirt. Ran into these lovely droid ladies. You can find R2D2 here.
~ One of the main reasons for me to visit the Comic Con was to meet James Marsters aka Spike from Buffy. He was such a sweetheart at his panel and when I got his autograph. More on that in my upcoming post about the Con though.
~ Live long and prosper! Spock Vegas, a professional Spock Look-Alike who took donations for charity for a picture.
~ Where's the magician's bunny?
~ Took some silly pictures in the Marvel section at KaDeWe to win a Meet & Greet with Benedict Cumberbatch at the Doctor Strange Fan Premiere.
~ Didn't win the Meet & Greet, but still got to go to the Fan Premiere. So cool to see Mr. Cumberbatch again and Tilda Swinton for the first time! The movie was also not too shabby ;)

~ Blackberry crumble on a rainy fall sunday.
~ Got my Threadbanger Box just in time for Halloween. Corinne and Rob are some of my favorite Youtubers and so I wanted to show my support by buying their very first Halloween box. It was filles with a bunch of cool crafty stuff. I'll probably show you the crafts next Halloween, because I didn't have time to do them before.
~We were invited to celebrate Halloween with Claudi from Pixeltrash3000 and Maxi from TheFinalStageShow. at their new home near Osnabrück, so we went on a weekend trip to west germany with our costumes packed. I had decided on LSP from Adventure Time a while back and got the wig at Comic Con and the dress in the vintage section of the Humana at Alexanderplatz for 5€. It was a little too small, so I had to do some last minute adjustments, but it turned out great! The husband went along thith the theme and went as Ice King with a thrifted blue bathrobe and a Santa wig. I also found a mini penguin Gunter at a second hand store. The crown and star were homemade.
Aren't we pretty? :D Oh my glob, why don't you want to abduct and marry me?

Nov 2, 2016

My Pixelart Workshop at DaWanda's Long Night of DIY!

Photo by Lu
The exciting day had finally come, my very first DIY Workshop! It took place on the 24th of September at the Long Night of DIY. I was one of 9 workshop hosts this day and the event lasted all day from 10am to 10pm.
Photo by Dawanda
I was really excited when I arrived at the Karstadt at Hermannplatz in Berlin early that day. Most of the helpers from Dawanda were already there preparing for the event and I got a quick introduction to the event area and my very own little crafting corner. I went right at it to prepare and decorate my table and got even more excited for the first visitors!


I asked my dear friend Sophie who designed my wonderful header if she could design my very first business cards to hand out at the event and they turned out awesome! I also printed out posters to have a litlle bit of promo for the blog and to show the hashtag of the event & my workshop. I made the business card holder out of melting beads a couple of days before the event. It says Bazooka Crafts and on the one side I attempted to make a Pixel-Bazooka.

My very first visitors! The time from 10am to 1pm was a little slow and there were a few people stopping by, but that was to be expected on a saturday. Once the clock hit 1pm we got overrun with visitors and from that time on I had a full table until the very end!

Oh deer! One of the first necklaces was this lovely stag.

Happy visitors! The young man on the right was actually my first male visitor this day and I have to share this funny story with you: He wanted to make half of a melon as a key ring pendant and so he held up the round peg board and pliers and asked whether he is supposed to cut the board in half now or after putting the melting beads on it. You know, because he only wants half of a melon! All of the ladies at the table had a good laugh about that... man logic ;)

We also had some accidents at the table. It really sucks to be almost finished with your pixelart and then you make a wrong move and the beads are everywhere! It turned out great in the end though!
My fabulous friend Lu from Luloveshandmade was hosting a workshop as well: 

Her table was never empty as she was offering a workshop on handlettering; which is extremely popular at the moment. Check out her blogpost on the event here.
Photo by Lu

Now let's see some more Pixelart creations & creators!

I also got a blogger visit from the dear Katja of Kreativrezept. She also wrote about her day at the Long Night of DIY and the other workshops she visited.


The only things I managed to make for myself were the Lumpy Space Princess and the tiny Spock. There was simply no time to sit down for more than ten minutes for most of the day.
This was such a great experience, but it was also very exhausting to host a workshop for 12 hours straight. I actually have another workshop lined up on a bit of a smaller scale at the Dawanda Snuggery. Mark your calendars for the 17th of November! I can't wait!

Thanks to all of my awesome visitors at the Long Night of DIY, I loved getting creative with you all!

In the end, all that was left were a ton of beads on the ground...
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