Nov 22, 2015

The Long Night of DIY with Dawanda @ Bikini Berlin

Last month was the 3rd Long Night of DIY by Dawanda. If you want to take a look at the last two nights check this post and this Picturesque Month.
This time they took it up a notch and booked a room in the Bikini Mall at the Zoo in Berlin. In there you were able to participate in 7 different workshops! Good thing the long night started early, because when I got there at 3pm the place was packed. We almost didn't even find a place to sit, but luckily there was room at the watercolous table. This was actually the workshop I was least interested in, but ended up liking it very much!
Of course I had to dive into watercolour paiting with a bat! I looked online for a suitable image and made a pencil draft which I then coloured. Not too shabby for my first try I would think!
The card with the pink blotches all over was my second artwork, pretty much just a doodle while waiting for my friends to be done with their work.

The next diy we did was this cork pinboard workshop. We cut the desired shape with a cutter knife and then tape off the parts we didn't want to be painted and painted the rest of the pinboard white.
You can see my pinboard in the top left corner. As you can tell I cut it in a batman logo shape and taped off a bunch, you can see the result at the end of this post.
After that I headed on over to the Burda style workshop table. They were doing mini pouches with a new material called Snap Pap, a paper like material that can be used like vegan leather. We only had to cut out one shape that could be folded and handsewn into a small pouch for holding business cards or other small items. Again, you can see my result at the end of this post.
There were also 2 knitting and chrocheting workshops that I just didn't have the time to visit.
And this Screenprinting workshop that had the longest line, so I didn't even bother trying to wait for a turn at the printing.
And at the last diy table, that I also didn't get to visit was a jewellery making workshop.
At each table and around the room were the lovely ladies and gentlemen from Dawanda that helped out with the crafts and any question the guests had <3

I really loved this DIY Night and I hope that it will continue to be such a great event all over the country. If you want to keep updated about coming events check out the Dawanda Website.
So here's all the things I made:

I really like all of my crafts. I think the Batman logo turned out beautifully with those tiny rhombus shapes, kindof looks like Harley Quinn might have designed it.
On the additional watercolour card I placed a stamp with a huge birthday cake that will go to the next lucky Birthday girl or boy. And the bat card is decorating our livingroom table, I love its pudgy little face! Don't know what I'll do with the pouch yet, but it'll find its purpose eventually.
Until the next time... craft on!
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