Nov 17, 2014

Harry Potter Swap on Craftster Part II

These last months has been filled with Harry Pottericus Totalus and it all started with me entering the Harry Potter Craft Swap on Craftster. I've already shown you what I received from my Swap partner and just a bit ago I posted this making of the Weasles Family Clock which I made for my Swap Partner. And here's the rest of the package:

For my medium item I decided to make a potion test tube holder. I used the same kind of wood as for the Weasley Clock and the hardware store staff was nice enough to cut it in shape again (they don't usually cut it this small, but I had to wait a while for service, so custom cut for meeee). I had 4 pieces cut, 2 long ones and 2 shorter ones almost as tall as the test tubes. I put the 2 long pieces on top of each other and drilled 6 holes big enough to fit the test tubes all the way through the first piece and partly through the second one. This way the test tubes have a little base to rest in on the bottom.

I nailed all four pieces together to shape a rectangle and dyed the wood again with the wood stain to make it look older. Halfway during the dying I decided to woodburn a secret signature and image from Charlie Weasley onto the bottom of the test tube holder. I wonder if my Swap Partner has found it yet!

Charlie Weasley is my Partners favorite character from the HP universe and as there is barely any information on him in the books and movies I just made this his property.

My small item is this pillow case that I made at the Marabu Fashion Spray Workshop at the Dawanda Snuggery a while ago. I used the yellow and black colours as my Partner is in the House of Hufflepuff. It's really cool how the colours mix in with each other, you can see it a bit better in the video at the bottom of this post.

The only thing I had to do at home was to seal the colour by ironing it for a couple of minutes and then it's good to go.

So here are the finished items I shipped out to my Partner in Belgium:

The infamous Weasley Family Clock (Making of can be found here)

A selection of Potions in test tubes (I found the potion labels here) in Charlie Weasleys test tube holder. I filled the test tubes with various items from our household explained by the parchment.

And a Deathly Hallows Hufflepuff pillow case.

The Tri-Wizard Swap Package!

If you want to see something awkward you can check out the video I made saying out loud what I just wrote above.

Wood-Burned Weasley Family Clock

Time to show you what I made for my Swap Partner in the Harry Potter ~ Back to Hogwarts Craft Swap. I've already shown you what I received from my Swap partner. And now here's the making of one of the item I made for him. Since he's a huge fan of the Weasley clan and among others his favorite object from the Harry Potter universe is the Weasley Clock I decided to make him one as the main Swap item. I had also wanted to try out wood burning for a while so there we have an idea!

I started out with a wooden board that I had cut into shape by the friendly staff of our closest hardware store. Then I drilled a hole in the middle as big as it needed to be for the clockwork to go through. I bought the clockwork on Amazon, but you can also find them at your local craft store or just take apart an old clock, like I did with this Death Star Clock.

Then I printed out an image of the Weasley Family Clock that I found online here and taped it to the piece of wood.
I then traced the all of the outlines and letters of the image with a ball-point pen to press the image into the wood as a stencil for the wood burning.
I tried out the different tips for the wood burner on an extra piece of wood and then decided on the one I would use for this project. And then I just retraced the pressed stencil lines with the wood burner. I had to press down the burner more on the darkes parts of the wood as they were more dense and less easily burned. And I had to be careful with the light parts of the wood to not burn into those too much as the less dense wood burns more easily.

It took me a couple of hours spread through 2 days to finish the wood burning, but the work doesn't stop here.
I dyed the outer parts of the wood piece with some wood stain to create some more depth to the image. You can still see the burned faces and feathers partly through the different colouring as the burned parts are deeper that the rest of the wood.
Then, with the help of my brother and his tools, we rounded off the edges of the square to give it a smoother look and also a frame with the reocurring lighter wood.

Now to add the clockwork.

And voila, there we have it. The finished  Weasley Family Clock. Neat, right?

I hope you enjoyed this Making Of. Check out the whole Swap Package here.

This post will be part of the Creadienstag. PS: Check out all these funky geeky crafts at the Nerd'n'Geek Linkparty <3

Nov 15, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 08'14

August was a pretty mellow month, filled with birthdays and sun, starting with our return from our Honeymoon in Denmark:

~ Favorite shot from the ferry back to Germany
~ Sooo many people at the beach at Warnemünde! We call that sardines in a can... longing for our empty danish beaches.
~ Train ride from Rostock to Berlin. Finishing up our vacation reads.

~ Went to develop our underwater pictures.
~ Went out to party.
~ Went out to the lake with my new Instax polaroid camera.

I had so much fun with our balcony this year, as I've actually been able to grow things from spring till fall. We had a small tomatoe harvest and a (literally) huge raspberry harvest.

~ I had a chance to take out my new sun hat to my brothers birthday party.
~ For which I also got to try out my new star wars baking pan. I made a Vegan Chocolate Vader cake.
~ And apparently my medium length hair is perfect for french braids, so I'm wearing them at least once a week these days.

~ My old friend Sophie was in town and we went out for some cocktails at the Tiki Heart.
~ We also went thrift shopping together and this was my loot.
~ Here's a glimpse at the almost finished tetris shelves.

~ Fall started early this year and I was in the mood for pumpkin in all shapes and sizes.
~ Matching outfits for a night out with dinner(chinese) & a movie.
~ The movie was the long awaited "What we do in the Shadows", a mockumentary about vampires sharing a flat in Wellington, NZ. It's make by Jemaine Clement from The Flight of The Conchords and film director Taika Waititi. So funny! A must-see for all fans of comedy & vampires!

Nov 2, 2014

Spray your IT-Piece Workshop with Marabu

A couple of weeks ago I participated in another workshop at the Dawanda Snuggery in Berlin and this time they were sponsored by Marabu Creative Colours, a german based company which distributed all kinds of different paints. In this workshop they showed us their new Fashion Spray Paint which can be used on most light textiles.

I prepared for the workshop by designing my own stencils, for example this awesome deathly hallows triangle shape from Harry Potter. I just used a piece of thick transparency from a packaging and traced the outlines with a waterproof marker and used a scalpel and a ruler to cut out the image.

I just layed down the stencil and sprayed the bag/shirt that Marabu generously supplied for everyone with various colours. For the Slytherin styles item I used mostly a dark green and some black paint.

I also brought a Batman stencil I  made a while ago for my husbands Batman sweater. I had used the outer ring and the inside of the bat for the sweater and now I used the the rest of the stencil to make the bat shape by itself.
It worked out alright, but I used too much paint, so it went unter the stencil a little. Maybe I can cver up the stains with some white fabric paint I still got lying around at home.
I also used the I am Sherlocked stencil from a couple of years ago to make this bag. I actually gave this away to my colleague (who is also a huge Sherlock fan) for giving me some craft supplies that her kids didn't use anymore!

Since I was the only one who brought their own stencils I was pretty popular and other workshop attendees were asking to borrow my deathly hallows and batman stencil.

This was actually one of the most fun Dawanda workshops. Thanks again to Marabu and Dawanda for hosting these workshops and spreading creativity!
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