Nov 2, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 07'14 (Honeymoon included)

Man, I really got to catch up with these! Good thing I still have a couple of vacation days left, because I don't want to drag it out to next year. So here we go, July:

The husbands friend and brother were still living with us for a couple of days after the wedding, so we did some sightseeing in Berlin, including a trip to the aquarium.

Then I tried to get back to healthy living for a while, but failed miserably. I regained a little more than 5kg after the wedding, god damnit. I was feeling so good, too. Stupid thyroid hypofunction...

~ Got our wedding photos about three weeks after the wedding.
~ Partied with some friends at the Berlin Fashion Week and ran into Evil Jared from the Bloodhoundgang.
~ Worked on those tetris shelves which I can't wait to show you guys, you know, after getting done with the remaining three months of pictures.

And the we went on our honeymoon in denmark! It was rather spledid.
~ Packing footsie ~ Ferry footsie ~ Baltic Sea footsie ~

~ Did loads of bikeriding, since neither of us drives a car and the countryside was really beautiful.
~ What did I just say? Can you see tiny Ken on the top right side?
~ And again. Can you see tiny me in the center enjoying the sea water?

~ Horsies! Our vacation home was right next to a riding school and there were so many pretty horses!
~ Danish houses.. so cute!
~ There's our vacation home. Very pretty and we were so lucky with the weather!

We took a day trip to the middle ages center in Nykobing Falster, t'was mucho funno! It's always fun for the husband to see european history and at this place all the employees pretended like they were from the middle ages! So weird. Too bad the food wasn't from the middle ages...

~ Just loving those danish straw roofs! You can see them in some parts of Germany as well, but not so much around Berlin.
~ Our way from the vacation home to the beach, a beautiful boulevard.
~ The husband said that the cycling done on this trip should be enough for at least the rest of the year. He doesn't like cycling much... it's too bad, really.

~ Cause I love me a cycling trip! I want to take a trip from Berlin to the Baltic Sea someday, I guess the husband will sit that one out.
~ Brought two books on the trip, Bossypants by Tina Fey and the new Bridget Jones, finished the first and got halfway through the second, not without crying of course...
~ Man, it's been ages since my last trip to the Baltic (or any other kind of) Sea. I won't let that happen again! Just love swimming in the open water and drying off in the white sand. So much fun!
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