Jul 14, 2014

Chili Con Thread

Just a little (late) update in the home and food department. Our chili tree from last year produced a bunch of little chili peppers and I was looking for a good way to hang them up to dry, but also make the look pretty and add to our kitchen interior design.
So I harvested all the chili peppers and used needle and thread to make them into a silly little chili garland, which I then taped to our kitchen shelves.

They're just looking too cute all hanging in a row up there. But don't be fooled! They're feisty little beasts full of spicyness. I like to put them in various dishes, like carrot or pumpkin soup or my favorite hummus recipe from Atilla Hildmann's Vegan For Fit.
Spice up you life and craft on!

Jul 7, 2014

Our Open Dresser for the Hallway

This project got finished in march actually, but I never got around to show you the finished product. For images during the making of check my Picturesque March.
I don't think I even have a before picture, because it was just so not pretty to look at. We just had an old shoerack in the space and our jackets were up on three tiny hooks on the side wall. My brother actually helped with the design of this dresser. We got all the wooden pieces for this at the hardware store, they even cut it the right sizes there for no extra charge. The wood for all of it cost us about 60€, plus the hours we put into the making.

I wanted to have the coat hangers match the colours of the dresser, so I sanded all of these down... 
...and painted the in the same purple I painted the vertical pieces and splashed the sides with. 
Painting the dresser was the funnest bit. The putting together and drilling a bunch of holes in the sides was no fun at all. We even got a complaint from our downstairs neighbour that if we wouldn't stop with the drilling they'd call the police. To be fair it was a sunday.. but still, what the hell? We'd only been drilling for like 15 minutes.
This is the coat and miscellaneous part with two shelves one above and one under the coat rack. The coats are colour coordinated of course, how else would you line up your coats?
And here's the shoe rack. Made up by 21 wooden poles which are connecting the middle and the outer right dresser wall. I handpainted the poles individually only to find out that with the paint they wouldn't fit in the drilled holes anymore. So I had to take off the paint with sandpaper on all 42 pole ends and then paint them again after they were put in the right place. Fun!
But it was totally worth it in the end. I love our open dresser! And it's much easier to put away your shoes and coat right after coming into the apartment when there's such a pretty dresser waiting for you.

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