Jun 18, 2013

Ombre Espandrillos

Ombre is all over Pinterest & Co., so I though I'd hop on that bandwagon and dye my "new" Espandrillos. I got them via a Facebook Page called "Give it away" ("Verschenks"), where you can give away unwanted things without expecting something in return except for gratitude. It's rather beautiful really, people are giving away stuff from nail polish to old cars! I have given away loads of stuff as well and in return found some unique items myself, or items that I can make unique like these Espandrillos.

They were white in the beginning, but I'm a messy person and they wouldn't stay white really, so I thought for a while how I can make them pretty for me to wear.

I chose a bucket that was tall enough to hold the shoes & I still had some red dye lying around from the last craft fair sale. Following the instructions I boiled about 5 litres of water and dissolved the paint and one tablespoon of salt per litre.

Then I attached some string to the back of the shoes and tied them together.

Next you dunk the shoes in the dye water all the way. You could also start by just dipping a small portion and then more and more, but I chose the other way, dunking them all the way and then taking them out really really slowly, one milimetre at a time. The shoes have to stay in the dye at least 15 minutes.

After that's done I put them in the bath tub to "bleed them out"... haha.

They need to be washed afterwards with water until it runs clear, otherwise you might end up with red feet wearing the shoes!

Done! The Obre look is subtle, but good enough for me & in my opinion a very good outcome for a first try.
I used the rest of the dye to colour this shirt I got at a fleamarket with a coffee stain right on the front:

Turned out very nice as well, I think. Inside photography... oh well.

This post is part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.
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