Jun 9, 2013

Potatoe Salad ~ "Berliner" Family Recipe

It's time for my first savory recipe on this blog, so I'm sharing my favorite family recipe potatoe salad. Haven't made it in a while, but nailed it again.

Here's what you need (for 5 people):
1 jar of pickles (keep the juice!)
1 big onion or a couple of spring onions
1 big apple
1 cup of tartar sauce or mayonnaise
15 big potatoes

Put your potatoes in a big pot on the stove and boil till they are cooked. In the meantime you pick a big bowl and mix the tartar sauce/mayonnaise with 1 cup of the pickle juice.

Cut up the pickles and mix with the sauce.

Cut up the onion/spring onion...

...and the apple...

...and mix with the sauce.

Now you wait for the potatoes to cool off until you can peel and slice them, then mix with the rest.

Done! I took this salad to our office picnic a couple of weeks ago & everyone enjoyed it. It was a lovely day at the Isar with lots of laughter. It's good to get out of the office from time to time and get to know your colleagues a little bit better.

If you want to see what the Isar looks like now after the flooding check the last Picturesque Friday Post.
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