Aug 23, 2013

Picturesque Friday ~ 23. August 2013

Finally another pictureque friday:

Steffi asks questions every week and answers with pictures on her blog, she also asks everyone to join her.

What's always with you at the moment?

My new phone! So I can take snapshots anywhere and anytime like this sweet double rainbow at Friedrichstraße.

What's touched you?

Lots of paint. And it sticks!

What's the best flavour at the moment?

Berlin air! Best smelled on top of my new work building. Breathtaking view from up there!

What's your recommendation for everyone?

Check out this musical. Vampire fun for the whole family ;) And no sparkles!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Spending some quality time with the future husband. And picking out lots of vintage furniture from my parents attic for the new apartment.

Aug 21, 2013

Free Stuff Market

Before moving to Berlin we decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Not just furniture, but also books, CDs, glasses and so on. We sold quite a few things on ebay and through other second hand selling sites and what we didn't sell a week before our move we put up for free online. And everything that was left till our last weekend in Munich we gave away at our "Verschenks!"(Give it away!) market.

I set up the first items around 10am on the lawn in front of our house and put up the first pictures online on the VERSCHENK'S facebook page. The page has almost 15.000 member, so I hoped for a good turnout. Mostof our customers were direct neighbours though. They were all very astounded that we were giving everything away for free. If you're wondering, the pinkand purple suitcase was not for grabs, but there were quite a few little girls who wanted it!

There were either a bunch of people around or none. But all in all we got rid of almost everything of the big stuff and most of the small items. A few people also donated in the pink box for moving expenses, it's just a shame that it got stolen in a busy moment. That's one of the many times when I question humanity: Who steals a donation box at place where someone gives stuff out for free? Well, we didn't let that ruin our day. There were donations after that incident as well.

We got to know quite a few of our neighbours better, which was quite a shame since we were moving out. A nice couple living one block away from us took a few things and felt bad that they couln't spare a donation so they made us lunch! Faith in humanity restored. *Note Ken's evolved unemployment beard and the awesome fun he's having!

All in all it was a fun event, a little stressful at times and very exhausting, but successful in the end. We closed up around 3pm and put all the bigger things next to our buildings trash cans and threw a few little things away. The books, tapes and CDs we didn't get rid of we gave to my favorite thrift store Weißer Rabe on our way to our favorite chinese Restaurant Jackie Chans! When we came home almost everything we put next to the trashcans was gone.

We moved to Berlin 2 days later.

Aug 14, 2013

What to do with it Wednesday ~ Keyboard Keys

I found a new feature that goes very well with my blog. It's the What to do with it Wednesday! Once a week I will share an object or material with you I'm not quite sure about what to use it for yet. And I am asking you to share your ideas, links or inspiration for what to do with it.

I'll start with these keyboard keys that I found next to the trash last night. It was a whole keyboard of course and not just the keys, but it was too dirty to bring inside, so I took all the keys off. You can imagine the future husbands excitement for bringing more crafting supplies that I'm not quite sure about yet. So the big question is:

What do I do with it?

PS: I found the feature on Erica's blog: A (re)Finished Life. Totally worth checking it out!

Aug 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch at HUIJ

On our second last sunday in Munich we went to the HUIJ cafe/open workshop/shop for waffle brunch. I had already met the girls who own the place at Make Munich, you can see the post on printing t-shirts and molding soap here. Since then I have wanted to visit their shop and one of their Sunday waffle brunches was the perfect opportunity.

They had a variety of toppings for vegan and non-vegan waffles (same price!) like fruits, homemade jam and ice cream. Also one of the best cherry curds I've had in quite a while.

The walls are decorated with screens for screen printing, there are crafting books to read and handmade goodies to buy all around.

The future husband is enjoying his "unemployment beard". Don't worry, he was only unemployed for half a month. Notice the Mate Cola? A rare sight in Munich!

Here's a list with all the ideas for future workshops at HUIJ, asking for feedback:
- flip book making
- jam cooking
- pimp your clothes
- soap molding
- 3D portrait
- pop-up paper crafts

I am very intrigued by the 3D portrait, it is really too bad I never got to attend any workshops there or even had my own. I would actually really enjoy doing a workshop of my own. Maybe someday.

Also seen in the first picture, here's the variety of printing letters, numbers and punctuation characters. Poor Q, no one wants you.

So to anyone visiting or living in Munich and being interested in crafting and diy I really recommend paying a visit to the HUIJ, if you're super lucky you could even participate in a workshop or just eat some yummy waffles. Dang, I just saw they're on summer break, but check their calender for future awesomeness.

Aug 9, 2013

Kleiderkreisel Swap Party Munich

Before telling you all about our move and getting to know Berlin again I want to share with you a few things that happened in Munich. Lots has happened in the past 4 weeks so blogging wasn’t the first thing on my mind.
I was fortunate to attend one last swap party in Munich at the Glockenbachwerkstatt, this time sponsored and organized by Kleiderkreisel, a website where you can sell, swap and give away your unwanted clothes and accessoires. Due to the growing popularity of this website and the idea behind it there was a massive crowd to drop off their clothes and wait to be let in to get on swapping. 

We were a little late, so we were worried that they would stop accepting more clothes. Well, I was worried, the future husband was more like “Meh”. I had brought him along because I had more than the allowed 10 items to drop off, as I wanted to get rid of all the clothes I hadn’t been able to sell online. 

We had brought 3 bags with more than 30 items in total, so when we were only able to drop off 20 items to exchange for swapping points I left the third bag at a bus stop for someone else to have it. Sure enough it was gone when we were on our way out again.

As there have been swapping parties at this venue before they had a system of categorizing the clothing and giving out different amounts of points for each category. For example a jacket was 7 points and a t-shirt 3. So you could take home at least two t-shirts if you brought in a jacket and so on. The clothes that were left over in the end was to be donated for a good cause. And there were quite a few leftovers I’d imagine.

I came out with 6 items in exchange for my 20 items, but that was totally fine for me, as the main goal was to get rid of clothes!

I really like swap parties, though this one was a little too busy and there were a lot of clothes thrown on the ground as everybody was rushing in to snatch themselves the best items. It’s a good alternative or addition to fleamarkets and second hand stores, though you have to be a bit lucky to have other people there with you same size and style. Most of the attendees were very petite, so that was another reason I didn’t come out with as much stuff as I gave in. It’s for the better, I guess. At least the future husband thought so.
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