Aug 9, 2013

Kleiderkreisel Swap Party Munich

Before telling you all about our move and getting to know Berlin again I want to share with you a few things that happened in Munich. Lots has happened in the past 4 weeks so blogging wasn’t the first thing on my mind.
I was fortunate to attend one last swap party in Munich at the Glockenbachwerkstatt, this time sponsored and organized by Kleiderkreisel, a website where you can sell, swap and give away your unwanted clothes and accessoires. Due to the growing popularity of this website and the idea behind it there was a massive crowd to drop off their clothes and wait to be let in to get on swapping. 

We were a little late, so we were worried that they would stop accepting more clothes. Well, I was worried, the future husband was more like “Meh”. I had brought him along because I had more than the allowed 10 items to drop off, as I wanted to get rid of all the clothes I hadn’t been able to sell online. 

We had brought 3 bags with more than 30 items in total, so when we were only able to drop off 20 items to exchange for swapping points I left the third bag at a bus stop for someone else to have it. Sure enough it was gone when we were on our way out again.

As there have been swapping parties at this venue before they had a system of categorizing the clothing and giving out different amounts of points for each category. For example a jacket was 7 points and a t-shirt 3. So you could take home at least two t-shirts if you brought in a jacket and so on. The clothes that were left over in the end was to be donated for a good cause. And there were quite a few leftovers I’d imagine.

I came out with 6 items in exchange for my 20 items, but that was totally fine for me, as the main goal was to get rid of clothes!

I really like swap parties, though this one was a little too busy and there were a lot of clothes thrown on the ground as everybody was rushing in to snatch themselves the best items. It’s a good alternative or addition to fleamarkets and second hand stores, though you have to be a bit lucky to have other people there with you same size and style. Most of the attendees were very petite, so that was another reason I didn’t come out with as much stuff as I gave in. It’s for the better, I guess. At least the future husband thought so.
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