Aug 14, 2013

What to do with it Wednesday ~ Keyboard Keys

I found a new feature that goes very well with my blog. It's the What to do with it Wednesday! Once a week I will share an object or material with you I'm not quite sure about what to use it for yet. And I am asking you to share your ideas, links or inspiration for what to do with it.

I'll start with these keyboard keys that I found next to the trash last night. It was a whole keyboard of course and not just the keys, but it was too dirty to bring inside, so I took all the keys off. You can imagine the future husbands excitement for bringing more crafting supplies that I'm not quite sure about yet. So the big question is:

What do I do with it?

PS: I found the feature on Erica's blog: A (re)Finished Life. Totally worth checking it out!
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