Aug 21, 2013

Free Stuff Market

Before moving to Berlin we decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Not just furniture, but also books, CDs, glasses and so on. We sold quite a few things on ebay and through other second hand selling sites and what we didn't sell a week before our move we put up for free online. And everything that was left till our last weekend in Munich we gave away at our "Verschenks!"(Give it away!) market.

I set up the first items around 10am on the lawn in front of our house and put up the first pictures online on the VERSCHENK'S facebook page. The page has almost 15.000 member, so I hoped for a good turnout. Mostof our customers were direct neighbours though. They were all very astounded that we were giving everything away for free. If you're wondering, the pinkand purple suitcase was not for grabs, but there were quite a few little girls who wanted it!

There were either a bunch of people around or none. But all in all we got rid of almost everything of the big stuff and most of the small items. A few people also donated in the pink box for moving expenses, it's just a shame that it got stolen in a busy moment. That's one of the many times when I question humanity: Who steals a donation box at place where someone gives stuff out for free? Well, we didn't let that ruin our day. There were donations after that incident as well.

We got to know quite a few of our neighbours better, which was quite a shame since we were moving out. A nice couple living one block away from us took a few things and felt bad that they couln't spare a donation so they made us lunch! Faith in humanity restored. *Note Ken's evolved unemployment beard and the awesome fun he's having!

All in all it was a fun event, a little stressful at times and very exhausting, but successful in the end. We closed up around 3pm and put all the bigger things next to our buildings trash cans and threw a few little things away. The books, tapes and CDs we didn't get rid of we gave to my favorite thrift store Weißer Rabe on our way to our favorite chinese Restaurant Jackie Chans! When we came home almost everything we put next to the trashcans was gone.

We moved to Berlin 2 days later.
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