Aug 13, 2013

Sunday Brunch at HUIJ

On our second last sunday in Munich we went to the HUIJ cafe/open workshop/shop for waffle brunch. I had already met the girls who own the place at Make Munich, you can see the post on printing t-shirts and molding soap here. Since then I have wanted to visit their shop and one of their Sunday waffle brunches was the perfect opportunity.

They had a variety of toppings for vegan and non-vegan waffles (same price!) like fruits, homemade jam and ice cream. Also one of the best cherry curds I've had in quite a while.

The walls are decorated with screens for screen printing, there are crafting books to read and handmade goodies to buy all around.

The future husband is enjoying his "unemployment beard". Don't worry, he was only unemployed for half a month. Notice the Mate Cola? A rare sight in Munich!

Here's a list with all the ideas for future workshops at HUIJ, asking for feedback:
- flip book making
- jam cooking
- pimp your clothes
- soap molding
- 3D portrait
- pop-up paper crafts

I am very intrigued by the 3D portrait, it is really too bad I never got to attend any workshops there or even had my own. I would actually really enjoy doing a workshop of my own. Maybe someday.

Also seen in the first picture, here's the variety of printing letters, numbers and punctuation characters. Poor Q, no one wants you.

So to anyone visiting or living in Munich and being interested in crafting and diy I really recommend paying a visit to the HUIJ, if you're super lucky you could even participate in a workshop or just eat some yummy waffles. Dang, I just saw they're on summer break, but check their calender for future awesomeness.
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