Dec 18, 2016

DIY Star Wars Skirt (Upcycled Tie Fighter bedsheets)

I wanted to make something cool for visiting the first ever Berlin Comic Con, because what would be a better place to show off my geeky obsessions with a crafty and thrifty Outfit!
I found the Tie Fighter/Captain Phasma bedsheets at my favorite thrift market in Karow for only 2€! To make the skirt I followed this tutorial for a rectangle skirt on Youtube.

I started by taking apart the bedsheets and seperating the side with Captain Phasma's body from the side with the Tie Fighters. Then I took my measurements and cut out the fabric accordingly (check the video to find out how).

Since I wanted to use the fabric horizontally I had to cute out two large pieces to sew together. I tried to attach them exactly in the places where the pattern matched the other side.

Then I sewed the waistband together right sides facing each other, turned it inside out, so the seams are hidden inside and filled it with an elastic waistband. Sew it into a loop and we're almost ready to assemble the skirt!

Before doing that I hemmed the bottom of the skirt with two straight stitches. Then I tried to use the method from the video to gather the skirt on top, but it just didn't work out for me... so I ended up making a few creases all around the skirt by folding 1 cm every couple of cm to get to the same circumference as the waistband.

Now the only thing left is to attach the skirt to the waistband! I made sure to use a wide enough zig zag stitch to sew down the elastic waistband inside as well. Otherwise the elastic would turn around on itself inside the waistband, which can be really annoying!

And here's the skirt in action at the Comic Con Berlin (post coming soon!):

Partying at Alt Trifft Neu - Upcycling Blog Party
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