Jan 28, 2013

+1000 Clicks Give-Away

Alright maybe I cheated a little, but I really didn't know that commenting on a dawanda facebook post with a link to my blog would give me this many clicks on one day. And the link was related to the post, so yay, whatevs.

I was thinking to celebrate I'd do a little give-away. Just comment below if you want to get some mail with either a slide or an ice-cream necklace.

I'll draw the 2 winners on wednesday evening.



Winners are chosen! Everyone won! Except for Ken :P
It's my first give-away, so I'll mail out goodies to all four people that commented, except for my fiancè. YAY

Jan 19, 2013

The making of a tablet cover

Last week we bought a piece of cloth at Weißer Rabe thrift store in munich. Ken picked it to be the cover for his new tablet computer he got for christmas. I was inspired by this video by DazzleDIY, who does several DIY tutorials on youtube.

I started out with the cloth, an elastic band (it used to be a dior pantyhose) and an old calendar book which pages I cut out.

I started by hotglueing a piece of padded cloth to the insides of the book. The I figured out how I wanted to cut and sew the cloth around the book and decided I would make it like a book cover that you could slip off and on again. Before sewing that I sewed on the elastic bands on the top and bottom of the inner side of the book cover. For some reason I didn't check with the tablet in place before sewing, so the elastic bands were a little too far apart and not tight enough to hold the tablet.

After taking a few days brek to figure out how to fix it I decided to add another elastic band on the bottom and to hot glue it on instead of sewing. Then I glued on a band of cloth on the outside of the cover and added kam snaps.

Turned out alright, I think.

It even has a little secret compartment between the cloth cover and the padded inside.

Craft projects on the side

There's always little things to do on the side to get real excited about when they're finally done. For example these two projects which have been bugging me for months, in one case almost a year.

I bought these metal poles for tiered cake stands on amazon a while a gon and then started to look for cheap plates to potentially ruin and break in attempt to drill a hole in them. That proved to be very hard a I didn't have a drill for porcelain. I finally bought one at the hardware store last weekend and have been busy drilling away all week. It's quite annoying as you have to stop after a few second of drilling because the drill and the plate gets too hot from the friction.

But then I finally did it! The plates were slightly different colours, so I spray painted them.. Not the prettiest cake stand, but now I can get some nice plates to make a proper one.

This lampshade was made by my mom and me last spring inspired by the Luna 5 project by Handmade Kultur, a german DIY magazine. My mom crocheted the pentagon and I cut out the hexagons and sewed it all together to make a globe shape. We then bought a round balloon (not one of those egg-shaped ones) and a laundry stiffener. Blew up the balloon around the lampshade and applied the stiffener. It wasn't a very good stiffener, but I wanted it up and so it's been hanging around like a limpy sack.
But not anymore! I got some new extra strong stiffener and washed the old stuff off. And there we have it, a perfectly round shape and hard as an eggshell!

Alright, I'm off to see The Hobbit again. This time in 2D.. let's see if it still has that soap opera feel to it. See ya!

Jan 13, 2013

Thrift finds left behind.

Sometimes you just got to leave things behind. Because it's the reasonable thing to do. Because it doesn't fit. Because the man would kill me. Anyhow, I'd still like to share these goodies with you.

For example this kiwi backpack. It's beautiful, I know, but it wasn't meant to be.

And then I saw these wonderful shoes. I only now googled the label Enzo of Roma and regret not buying them deeply, because apparantly they are very pricy vintage italian shoes. I think I'm gonna go back to the thrift store tomorrow... damnit. I didn't get them because they were two sizes too small.

I did buy a radio alarm clock for very cheap and some cloth to make my man a cover for the Nexus tablet I got him for christmas. It's almost done and I'll post the making of in in a couple of days.

Jan 5, 2013

LEGO necklaces and other funny stuff

The LEGO pieces I'm using I actually found in a box next to the dumpster on the street, score! But seriously, who throws away perfectly good LEGO pieces? That shit's expensive!
It wasn't quite enough for my man to build his giant battleship, so I decided to turn them into necklaces.

First of all drill a hole in 'em:

Then I added some screw-hooks I got online a while back.

The chain and heartshaped lock were also bought online, the ring is from Michaels in the US.

And there you have a cute LEGO necklace. Every hipster and wannabe needs one, don't you agree?

I also made some necklaces from old dia frames, which I got in a box of 200 for free at a fleamarket.

And here's a couple of other one's I made. I found the ice cream, burger, fries thingies at a thrift store, maybe they're supposed to be toy foods, dunno.

I was actually planning to go to a Christmas market for homemade goods to sell some of my crafts, but I got freaked out by lots of stress at work that I wouldn't be able to make enough stuff to sell. So now I'm planning to visit one of Munich's night-fleamarkets, which are filled with the hipster target group I'm looking for. Of course I'll be selling fleamarket goods as well, so I don't have the pressure to produce enough merchandise.Yeah, I don't know if this sells, but I'll definitely find out. I've been wearing a LEGO and dia necklace myself and have been complimented on it, that's a good sign I guess. I'll let you know how it goes!PS: Check out all these funky geeky crafts at the Nerd'n'Geek Linkparty <3
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