Jan 5, 2013

LEGO necklaces and other funny stuff

The LEGO pieces I'm using I actually found in a box next to the dumpster on the street, score! But seriously, who throws away perfectly good LEGO pieces? That shit's expensive!
It wasn't quite enough for my man to build his giant battleship, so I decided to turn them into necklaces.

First of all drill a hole in 'em:

Then I added some screw-hooks I got online a while back.

The chain and heartshaped lock were also bought online, the ring is from Michaels in the US.

And there you have a cute LEGO necklace. Every hipster and wannabe needs one, don't you agree?

I also made some necklaces from old dia frames, which I got in a box of 200 for free at a fleamarket.

And here's a couple of other one's I made. I found the ice cream, burger, fries thingies at a thrift store, maybe they're supposed to be toy foods, dunno.

I was actually planning to go to a Christmas market for homemade goods to sell some of my crafts, but I got freaked out by lots of stress at work that I wouldn't be able to make enough stuff to sell. So now I'm planning to visit one of Munich's night-fleamarkets, which are filled with the hipster target group I'm looking for. Of course I'll be selling fleamarket goods as well, so I don't have the pressure to produce enough merchandise.Yeah, I don't know if this sells, but I'll definitely find out. I've been wearing a LEGO and dia necklace myself and have been complimented on it, that's a good sign I guess. I'll let you know how it goes!PS: Check out all these funky geeky crafts at the Nerd'n'Geek Linkparty <3
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