Jan 19, 2013

The making of a tablet cover

Last week we bought a piece of cloth at Weißer Rabe thrift store in munich. Ken picked it to be the cover for his new tablet computer he got for christmas. I was inspired by this video by DazzleDIY, who does several DIY tutorials on youtube.

I started out with the cloth, an elastic band (it used to be a dior pantyhose) and an old calendar book which pages I cut out.

I started by hotglueing a piece of padded cloth to the insides of the book. The I figured out how I wanted to cut and sew the cloth around the book and decided I would make it like a book cover that you could slip off and on again. Before sewing that I sewed on the elastic bands on the top and bottom of the inner side of the book cover. For some reason I didn't check with the tablet in place before sewing, so the elastic bands were a little too far apart and not tight enough to hold the tablet.

After taking a few days brek to figure out how to fix it I decided to add another elastic band on the bottom and to hot glue it on instead of sewing. Then I glued on a band of cloth on the outside of the cover and added kam snaps.

Turned out alright, I think.

It even has a little secret compartment between the cloth cover and the padded inside.

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