Jan 4, 2014

Crochet Snowflake Garland

First of all a Happy New Year to you! We survived the Holidays & had a chill New Years Eve with boardgames and cheese fondue. To calm down in the evenings of the pre-christmas madness at work I crocheted a bunch of yarn snowflakes inspired by this tutorial. I didn't follow the tutorial 100% and they still came out fine, I just kindof started and made up my own pattern in my head that I followed for the rest of the snowflakes, if that makes any sense...

They came out looking like this, which was also fine because I had planned to make them stiff with starch for a door wreath.

So I drenched them in starch and layed them out on some transparent plastic foil to protect the table.

Two days later they were completely dry and stiff and the layed around for a couple of more days till I figured out how to arrange them as a door wreath. I couldn't find a good way to make a wreath so I decided to make a garland instead attaching both two and one arm of the flakes to a string of yarn. The yarn is attached to the sides of our apartment door to the hallway with tape.
Mkay, let's hope this year will be a good one. With many crafty projects, lots of wedding preparations (next wedding post coming soon!) and lots of love & fun & excitement.
Wishing you a good one!
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