Sep 7, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 06'15

~ Started the month with a smoothie challenge where I exchanged one meal a day with a green smoothie. Due to the fact that I don't own a great blender the smoothies weren't that smooth and especially when you're using greens it's important that they are well blended. I still liked the challenge and it was an experience for my tastebuds.
~ My favorite movie of the last year finally came out on DVD: What We Do In The Shadows
If you haven't seen it already, shame on you! No kidding, it's awesome. If you're even remotely interested in vampire movies you have to see this mockumentary.
~ If you're travelling by bike in Berlin: wear a helmet and carry a coffin in your baggage rack. People seem to respect you more on the street ;)

~ AT-AT loves Smoothies, too.
~ Enjoying the open water on my brothers boat.
~ I made a Fascinator!

~ June is pretty much my favorite month because it's my birthday in June. The husband got me a Count Duckula T-Shirt and a coffee cup!
~ Then we went to our first ever house viewing. Exciting! Too bad there was way too much work to put into the house to make it liveable. Afterwards we had a vegan döner.
~ Bowling fun with the girls! I didn't feel like throwing a big party and this was a really fun idea.

~ A colleague came back from her world travel and brought me back a thrifted little jar from ´New Zealand.
~ I had my first proper artichoke at the going away dinner of another colleague at White Trash Fast Food. It was such a mess!
~ June is not only my birthday month, but now also our anniversary month. We celebrated by taking a Minication to a castle close to Berlin doing lots of walking, relaxing & eating.

~So many concerts in June! Saw the X Ambassadors at a mini showcase at our office.
~ Eagles of Death Metal! It was so metal that the husband got a nose bleed ;P

~ Snoffeltoffs! Weird exberliner Gig at So36, but the guys rocked it as usual 4/5 Bazooka Points
~ Larkin Poe did a showcase on our offices rooftop. So cool! Both the location and the band. Can't wait to see more of them in the future. 5/5 Bazoka Points
~ I became a rockstar myself! Just for a second at least. Celebrating the "new" Rolling Stones record with a hashtag campaign #stickyfingers
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