Mar 9, 2016

Our Thrifty & Crafty Wedding ~ Handmade Bow Tie & All about the Groom

Today it's all about the groom! My dress has a lilac bow made out of a silk material. I especially requested the seamstress to save the scraps of this material so I could make my man a bow tie.
I used this awesome bow tie pattern from SeeKateSew, but totally lost the pictures I took while sewing it. It was super last minute as well, because I sewed the bow tie on the night before our registry office date. You can kind of see in the picture above that I didn't have enough of the silk material, so I had to sew in some other lilac fabric to make the tie long enough to go round his neck.
He also had no idea how to tie the tie and failed to learn it via Youtube videos, but luckily one of my bridesmaids came to the rescue on our wedding day.

Check out my handsome fella:
Getting ready for our ceremony.

Love the different range of emotions on the faces here.
The cufflinks were also handmade. There is a tiny lilac pokemon on them.

I like that we handmade these small details of our outfits as well as all of the decoration. It just made it so much more special than if we had just bought a bow tie.

For the groomsmen(&lady) outfits we decided on a slightly casual look with a lilac shirt, black Bow tie and a cardigan. I had always like the idea of them in cardigans, but wasn't sure about the rest until the groomslady sent us a picture of her outfit a week ahead of the date and that settled it. One trip to H&M and we also had the guy's outfits ready. What do you think?

The best Man Kris, Groomslady Marlene, the husband & Groomsman Kris (the husband's brother)

I think they look dashing. And don't you just love their Bond style group pictures?

Even if a wedding is said to be all about the bride, the groom is pretty important as well and I hope he will cherish our wedding day as much as I do. At least it was a good excuse for his brother and best friend to finally come to visit us from the USA (although it was quite a challenge for me to live with three guys for three weeks in our apartment).
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