May 26, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 04'15

~April started with a lovely vlogger date at Cupcake Berlin with Sindy from Yangaaliyah and Sandra from Wundertastisch.
~ Followed by a movie date around easter where we watched the Life of Brian at Gelegenheiten Berlin, a non-profit club where one of my friends works.
~ I love being able to wear anything I want at work, even/especially when there's an important meeting that day.

German blogger Fee asked Instagram users to do a picturesque abc, here's my favorites:

A ~ Adventure Time / C ~ (Settlers of) Catan / D ~ Dragon

E ~ Ewoks / F ~ Fledermaus (Bat) / H ~ Hobbit

~ Not a part of the abc, but still awesome: a hobbit still my blogger friend Claudi from Pixel Trash 3000 sent me :D
I ~ Interview with the Vampire / J ~  Joker

K ~ Kassette (Cassette tape) / L ~ Lord of the Rings / M ~ Modest Mouse

P ~ Potterhead / Q ~ Queen / S ~ Star Wars

I've already show you all the fleamarket pictures in my Picture My Day Post and my Post about the Munich Fleamarket, but here's some more!

~ A trip to Bavaria is no sucess without a Pretzel and some Obatzda (bavarian cheese dip).
~ First Ice Cream of the Year!
~ My beloved Westpark. I spent many hours relaxing, exercising and watching movies here.

The best time to visit the Spring Festival (aka tiny Oktoberfest) is around noon. I really love these pictures of abandoned fair rides.

Isar Love!

~ Surfers at the Eisbach-wave.
~ My last beer in Munich was a Tegernseer.
~ Flying back to Berlin and into the sunset.

~ New Show Love! Aka Vans Love.
~ The only concert in April was an Unplugged Show by the Donots at Bi Nuu in Berlin. 5/5 for a very sucessful first media Markt Fan concert and lots of complimentary drinks.
~ Enjoying the sun in Kreuzberg. Kottbusser Tor can be pretty if you look at it from the right angle.

May 17, 2015

Game Of Thrones Exhibit in Berlin

I had the great pleasure to visit the Game of thrones exhibit in Berlin this week. The tickets were free and very rare as the exhibit lasted only a few days and they were sold out within minutes. Sadly many people got themselves free tickets on time and sold them online to the fans that were desperate enough to pay money to complete strangers(or scumbags, as I would like to name them). I was pretty close to buying some myself, but at the last minute a colleague of mine offered us some tickets, because their friends couldn't make it and we got to go for free after all!

The exhibit took place at the Arena in Berlin, a huge concert hall on the riverside of Kreuzberg. We had to wait in line for a bit, but as we had tickets for a specific time we didn't have to wait too long.

The entrance hall was lined with pictures of our most beloved and hated characters of the show. There were also reminders to register online and pledge yourself to a house of Westeros. We were pledged to the house of Stark and received a code to participate in the interactive parts of the exhibit.
One of them was this photoshoot to make you look like a white walker! Check it out:

They had a lifesize figure of the famous white walker to take selfies... I mean, what else would you do with it?
"Rattleshirt"'s skull mask. Wouldn't like to meet the Lord of Bones in person!

There were many costumes and weapons on display. The first we saw were Stannis' and Melisandre's outfits from the Wall.
Then there's Jon Snow's and Samwell Tarly's clothes and Longclaw, Jon's sword.

They also had a replica of the Mountain's sword to pose with. That thing was huge!
The whole exhibit was decorated with pictures from the show and banners from all the houses. Personally I find the Flayed Man of the House Bolton the most gruesome and the three-headed dragon of the House Targaryen the most impressive.

of course they had an iron Throne to pose on. Actually they had two! There were lines to both of them and I took pictures on both of them.

Valar dohaeris.

I'm kindof glad I read about Oberyn's death before I saw the show, because that would have been painful to watch. The character was very well cast and I'm pretty sure that I'm speaking for most people when I say I would have liked to see more of him.

The man was not impressed by the actual size of the Mountain. I think he's pretty fucking big.

Some film props from King's Landing. Aren't those eye stones super creepy?
Sansa's and Arya's costumes. Ice & Sting replica's
Tyrion and his crossbow. Also a scene that i enjoyed more in the books.
Margary & Joffrey. Jaime & Cersei. The ladies are super tiny! You could wrap your hands around their waist and touch fingers!

I'm very excited to see how Daenerys will evolve as a Queen and if she will end up on the Iron Throne! Here's her Dragon Eggs, the burned child's skeleton and one of her dragons metal collar.

Another interactive part of the exhibit was this video shoot where you had to pretend like you were being burned a live by a dragon and they added the dragon and the fire with CG later on. You can check out my video within my video about the exhibit at the end of the post.

And last, but not least there was a digital tour up the wall! You had to wait in line for a while, but it was worth it! We had to wear a 3D Headset and headphones and there was wind going above and below us and we raced up the wall in an elevator. Then you were turned around to enter the top of the wall and walk straight to the very edge where you got shot down by wildlings and fell to your death. FUN!

All in all it was a pretty cool exhibit, especially because it was free! Check out my short video about it here:
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