May 26, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 04'15

~April started with a lovely vlogger date at Cupcake Berlin with Sindy from Yangaaliyah and Sandra from Wundertastisch.
~ Followed by a movie date around easter where we watched the Life of Brian at Gelegenheiten Berlin, a non-profit club where one of my friends works.
~ I love being able to wear anything I want at work, even/especially when there's an important meeting that day.

German blogger Fee asked Instagram users to do a picturesque abc, here's my favorites:

A ~ Adventure Time / C ~ (Settlers of) Catan / D ~ Dragon

E ~ Ewoks / F ~ Fledermaus (Bat) / H ~ Hobbit

~ Not a part of the abc, but still awesome: a hobbit still my blogger friend Claudi from Pixel Trash 3000 sent me :D
I ~ Interview with the Vampire / J ~  Joker

K ~ Kassette (Cassette tape) / L ~ Lord of the Rings / M ~ Modest Mouse

P ~ Potterhead / Q ~ Queen / S ~ Star Wars

I've already show you all the fleamarket pictures in my Picture My Day Post and my Post about the Munich Fleamarket, but here's some more!

~ A trip to Bavaria is no sucess without a Pretzel and some Obatzda (bavarian cheese dip).
~ First Ice Cream of the Year!
~ My beloved Westpark. I spent many hours relaxing, exercising and watching movies here.

The best time to visit the Spring Festival (aka tiny Oktoberfest) is around noon. I really love these pictures of abandoned fair rides.

Isar Love!

~ Surfers at the Eisbach-wave.
~ My last beer in Munich was a Tegernseer.
~ Flying back to Berlin and into the sunset.

~ New Show Love! Aka Vans Love.
~ The only concert in April was an Unplugged Show by the Donots at Bi Nuu in Berlin. 5/5 for a very sucessful first media Markt Fan concert and lots of complimentary drinks.
~ Enjoying the sun in Kreuzberg. Kottbusser Tor can be pretty if you look at it from the right angle.
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