Jun 8, 2015

Quick Artsy Flower Pot Makeover

This white flower pot needed a makeover. It was much too bland for our flashy livingroom full of colour and random geekness. So I grabbed a bunch of my unused nail polishes and made it pretty:
I don't really use nail polish all that often. And when I do, I get it all over my fingers and it cracks like the next day. Especially when you're crafting wearing nail polish isn't the best idea.. so I sorted out most of my nail polishes and got started pouring it on the edge of the flower pot. The polishes that were too dry to pour I mixed with nail polish remover to liquify it again. This is how it looked in the end:

Much better than before, I think. And it goes so well with our colourful Tetris shelves and our geeky media collection.

This post will be part of the Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.

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