Jun 29, 2015

Our Thrifty & Crafty Wedding ~ Ceremony Decoration aka Who likes Symmetry anyways?

The answer is: I do. I like symmetry a lot. That's why I should have been there when they set up and decorated our ceremony. I wasn't though, because it wasn't set up until the day of the ceremony and I was busy getting my hair and make up done and getting dressed. It's a good thing I didn't notice until I saw the pictures, but I mean, there are worse things to go wrong at a wedding ceremony, right? Forgetting your vows... the rings... your bouquet.. Oh wait, I did forget my bouquet, but more on that in the next post.
Here's how my family and friends set up our ceremony in the backyard of our wedding location:                                                                                 
The flowers in the old wine bottles were another idea from Pinterest. We actually found most of these in my parents house from some former resident, so they're actually vintage. That's why my dad was hesitant to using them in the ceremony, because people are clumsy, but since they were standing on grass it was all ok.
I also liked the idea of having bubbles instead of throwing rice or confetti after the ceremony, so we bought a bunch of soap bubble containers and covered the with the lavender wedding invitation paper we had left over.

Let's see some of our wedding guests and the rest of the backyard:
Everyone was waiting patiently for me to get ready and come down the isle to greet my then future-husband. Here's a sneak peek at our actual ceremony with my beautiful friend Jess, who officiated our marriage and my gorgeous (and nervous) husband to be:To be continued...
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