Jul 22, 2018

DIY Workshops at Elbenwald Festival in August

I'm very happy to announce that I get to host two DIY workshops at Elbenwald Festival. Together with the dear Helen and Lisa we will be turning chopsticks into magical wands and melting beads into geeky pixelart accessoires.
The wandmaking workshop is actually already sold out, but you can still get tickets for the Pixelart workshop here: Pixelart Workshop Tickets

I've already hosted the Pixelart Workshop at the Long Night of DIY by Dawanda (RIP) two years ago, you can see my blogpost about it here. I also have a Pinterest Board full of fantastic patterns. Here's some of the Pixelart that can be made during the workshop:

If you're going to the Elbenwald Festival I would be thrilled if you come to my workshop! Get your tickets here: Pixelart Workshop Tickets

And then here's some impressions of what the wandmaking workshop results would look like. Thanks to Helen and Lisa for the awesome pictures!


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