Jun 12, 2012

Green & Blue

All of our furniture is either from the used furniture store or picked up off the street, just cause! I don't really see the point in buying new furniture when there's so much good used stuff lying abouts.
So here's the story of a dresser and a shelf. The dresser was an ebay-find pretty close to us. Got the thing for like 8€, transport was a bitch though. I thought my man and I could easily transport it a couple of streets, but it turned out to be a pretty heavy piece of wood. But one "please don't steal"-note and an adventorous misuse of a shopping cart later we were able to heave it up to our apartment.

The top was a little scratched, but we were planning to paint it anyways.

And here's the funny bit, the man wanted to paint it green and blue. To be specific robot green and robot blue. Luckily I could talk him out of it. I just don't really like green too much, plus couldn't even start to image that the colour combi would look good in out bedroom.

We agreed that black and blue would look much better, well, he agreed more or less...

Working man, roughening up that wood.

This is the shelf now, painted with the same colours.
We really needed some more space for DVDs, so we picked up a shelf from "Weißer Rabe", a second hand store near Donnerberger Brücke in Munich. 4€ for that, sorry I don't have a before pic, but yeah.. looked like a wooden shelf.

And here's the results:

The dresser was decorated via stencil & spray paint by the man.

Also: Sneak Peek at our DVD library and I am not ashamed for the Buffy & Angel collection!
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