Nov 29, 2012

Giving thanks

So my fiancè and I do celebrate Thanksgiving here in Germany, actually for the third time now and the second time with company.
There's something nice about cooking for friends, not just snacks but a whole dinner. We'll probably continue to do so too, but maybe next year we'll start doing it a little more potluck style, because 6 hours in the kitchen are intense!

So here's what we made:

Stuffed mushrooms - Champignons with a bacon/cream cheese, tomato/cream cheese stuffing
Deviled Eggs - Egg halves stuffed with egg yellow, mayonaise, tomatoes, olives
Corn Muffins
Artichoke Dip
Tuna Dip
Corn Fritters
Flower Pot Bread

Various vegetables aka the Faux Turkey
Cream Cheese Dip

Corn and Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Pumpkin Cream
Duck a la Crowns

And there were six people eating...

Happy Gobble Day. We're thankful for stuff!
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