Jun 7, 2013

Picturesque Friday ~ 07 July 2013 ~ Berlin / Munich Flooding Edition

This week there are no questions from Steffi from ohhhmhhh.de for the "Question-Photo-Friday" (Frage-Foto-Freitag), but I still want to share these pictures with you.

We spent the past two weeks in Berlin to prepare our move by finding an apartment & possibly a job and what can I say. We signed the contract for a new place last week & I just found out I also have a new job. YAY! Now the future husband needs to hear back from his interviews & everything will be perfect.

Here's some Berlin impressions:
Steampunk King Kong

"A club and a tree had to die for this "luxurious dream"".

Crows at the Mauerpark fleamarket.. such beautiful creatures!

"Sexist Crapshit" The new Barbie Dreamhouse Experience... I still kinda want to go.

Humana thrift store at Frankfurter Tor. One of the biggest department store dedicated to second hand item in Germany, four stories high.

Berlin Skyline from Warschauer Straße. I guess I'll be enjoying this viewalmost every day from now on, as my new employer is just around the corner.

Now for some Munich impressions. It's been raining almost the whole time we were gone and a lot of cities in Germany have problems with flooding.
Here's some pictures from my bike trip down the Isar yesterday:

"No swimming"

Water is such a fascinating element! It gives us life and can take lives so easily. I hope there wasn't too much damage done. Rosenheim, near Munich, wasn't as fortunate. If you'd like to help with charity, here's a contact:
Stadt Rosenheim: Freiwilligenagentur West, Judith Klinger, Telefon 08031/233870, E-Mail: jk@freiwillige-rosenheim.de
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