Nov 2, 2014

Spray your IT-Piece Workshop with Marabu

A couple of weeks ago I participated in another workshop at the Dawanda Snuggery in Berlin and this time they were sponsored by Marabu Creative Colours, a german based company which distributed all kinds of different paints. In this workshop they showed us their new Fashion Spray Paint which can be used on most light textiles.

I prepared for the workshop by designing my own stencils, for example this awesome deathly hallows triangle shape from Harry Potter. I just used a piece of thick transparency from a packaging and traced the outlines with a waterproof marker and used a scalpel and a ruler to cut out the image.

I just layed down the stencil and sprayed the bag/shirt that Marabu generously supplied for everyone with various colours. For the Slytherin styles item I used mostly a dark green and some black paint.

I also brought a Batman stencil I  made a while ago for my husbands Batman sweater. I had used the outer ring and the inside of the bat for the sweater and now I used the the rest of the stencil to make the bat shape by itself.
It worked out alright, but I used too much paint, so it went unter the stencil a little. Maybe I can cver up the stains with some white fabric paint I still got lying around at home.
I also used the I am Sherlocked stencil from a couple of years ago to make this bag. I actually gave this away to my colleague (who is also a huge Sherlock fan) for giving me some craft supplies that her kids didn't use anymore!

Since I was the only one who brought their own stencils I was pretty popular and other workshop attendees were asking to borrow my deathly hallows and batman stencil.

This was actually one of the most fun Dawanda workshops. Thanks again to Marabu and Dawanda for hosting these workshops and spreading creativity!
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