Nov 15, 2014

Picturesque Month ~ 08'14

August was a pretty mellow month, filled with birthdays and sun, starting with our return from our Honeymoon in Denmark:

~ Favorite shot from the ferry back to Germany
~ Sooo many people at the beach at Warnemünde! We call that sardines in a can... longing for our empty danish beaches.
~ Train ride from Rostock to Berlin. Finishing up our vacation reads.

~ Went to develop our underwater pictures.
~ Went out to party.
~ Went out to the lake with my new Instax polaroid camera.

I had so much fun with our balcony this year, as I've actually been able to grow things from spring till fall. We had a small tomatoe harvest and a (literally) huge raspberry harvest.

~ I had a chance to take out my new sun hat to my brothers birthday party.
~ For which I also got to try out my new star wars baking pan. I made a Vegan Chocolate Vader cake.
~ And apparently my medium length hair is perfect for french braids, so I'm wearing them at least once a week these days.

~ My old friend Sophie was in town and we went out for some cocktails at the Tiki Heart.
~ We also went thrift shopping together and this was my loot.
~ Here's a glimpse at the almost finished tetris shelves.

~ Fall started early this year and I was in the mood for pumpkin in all shapes and sizes.
~ Matching outfits for a night out with dinner(chinese) & a movie.
~ The movie was the long awaited "What we do in the Shadows", a mockumentary about vampires sharing a flat in Wellington, NZ. It's make by Jemaine Clement from The Flight of The Conchords and film director Taika Waititi. So funny! A must-see for all fans of comedy & vampires!
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