Oct 17, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 07'15 *Vacation Spam*

~ Thrifting fun at one of my favorite thrift stores in Berlin: Humana Frankfurter Tor. How cool is this My Little Pony Ice Cream Castle? Too bad I'm not into MLP...
~ Barbie had a dragon once? You live and learn.
~ Barbie apparantly also prepared young girl or boys to prepare for a fun job at the cash register!

Started the month by going to three concerts in a row:
~Monday: Alden Penner & Michael Cera. I'm sorry, but he can't sing... at all... I touched him though... 2/5 Bazooka Points
~Tuesday: Modest Mouse, one of my favorite bands in the world. We got extremely unlucky with our fellow concert guest who chatted loudly through the whole concert and did not stop laughing & talking even after asking them nicely. I was so angry at those people, mostly for ruining my concert experience. We had a great spot, that's why we didn't move, but we should have.. 3/5 Bazooka Points
~ Wednesday: Sheppard rocked the Postbahnhof. It was a nice and intimate concert, sadly not too many people. 4/5 Bazooka Points

~ Before we went on vacation our sun flower on the balcony was blooming beautifully.
~ It's always a good idea to go out partying two nights before a big trip.. Well, it was fashion week and lotsa fun as usual (+free drinks and pretentious fashion people to make fun of).
~ Only got asked once if I'm travelling with my kids ;) Nope, that's my princess carry on.

~ Our plane to Seattle. Exciting!
~ My first coffee in Seattle. (Not Starbucks!)
~ The skyscrapers here are really skyscrapers XD

~ If you're in Seattle you have to visit Pike Market! So much cool stuff to discover.
~ For example: Lot's of Seafood.
~ And an awesome Merch-Store. Be still, my geeky heart!

Speaking of geeky stuff:
We visited the EMP (Experience Music Project) and they had an awesome Star Wars costume exhibit going on.

Been a fan as long as I can remember and I can't wait for the new film this December. I definitely want to do some Star Wars related crafts until then <3
If anyone want to see more pics from this exhibit just comment and I'll write up a post.. eventually.

~ They also had a Sci-Fi exhibit with this weird light hallway.
~ And the infamous "You got red on you" T-Shirt from Shaun of the Dead.
~ Of course a Seattle based museum about music has to have an exhibit on Nirvana. The original In Utero Angel!

~ Space Needle!
~ Husband & house cat on the porch of our Airbnb accommodation.
~ Of course I had to go thrifting in Seattle. Here we are in my favorite thrifting chain; Goodwill.

~ Found this cool Gargoyles Store in the university district of Seattle.
~ Can't wait to own a garden to decorate it with weird shit like in this store.
~ The husband is a huge robot fanatic, so he had to visit this model robot store in Chinatown.

~ Loving the Seattle skyline. It really is a beautiful city, I could even imagine living there.
~ The gate to Chinatown/International district. I love the diversity in America!
~ Everywhere in Seattle were these open access urban gardens. Such a nice idea for people who don't have a garden and still want to experience gardening in the city.

~ The husband's friend picked us up in Seattle to drive down towards Portland. His radio doesn't work anymore, so he listens to audio tapes like this Star Trek one while driving.
~ The air conditioner also didn't work, so we had to have the windows open during the whole 3 hour drive in the 30+°C weather.
~ Our first real American fast food stop. I had fries, toast and fried clam strips.

~ I just love the nature in Washington! So many woods and mountains and everthing is so green!
~ Went on a trip close to Mount St. Helens, the volcano that erupted in the 80s. Standing on rocks made from the ashes here.
~ Happy Anni!

~ My chemistry teacher from High School owns a Magic Shop close to where we stayed in Vancouver, WA.I really enjoyed catching up with him and discussing Germany's economy compared to the US ;) We even got to go to a magic show where I was part of a really cool card trick!
~Awesome vintage sewing patterns from the thrift store.
~ Beautiful hardcover editions of my favorite vampire books by Anne Rice, I even found a signed copy of Price Lestat at another thrift store for only 3$!

~ My Favorite Thrift Store!
My super nerdy Thrift Haul.
~ Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me! Went to a pick-your-own peach farm.

~ Beacon Rock Trail. We went all the way to the top!
~ This is what I call a burger <3
~ It was really too bad we missed the Harry Potter B-Day Bash at the Higgins movie theatre!

~ Went to Victorias Secret to buy a bra & won a free bra :D So lucky!
~ One of my Highlights of the trip was our hike on the Eagle Creek Trail. 6 miles into the trail we found this waterfall. So beautiful!
~ I just love the Washinton countryside.

The day before our flight back we went to the OMSI Science Museum in Portland. They had a special exhibit on Ripley's Believe it or Not.
~ Einstein made from toasts.
~ Real Shrunken Heads!
~ Real Shrunken Me ;)

That was it from our trip to America. I took so many pictures, especially on our hiking trip. We definitely had an awesome three weeks!
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