Oct 26, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 08'15

~ I actually managed to take my bike to work regularly in August. Found a route via Komoot that took me off the big streets to make the ride more comfortable and less stressfull. You do not want to ride a bike through Alexanderplatz in rush hour!
~ Beautiful sunset view from our balcony.
~ The husband made some sun tea. Just put some black tea, lemon juice and sugar in a glass container and let it sit in the sun for a couple of hours. Serve with lots of ice! Finally a use for this glass pitcher we got for our wedding cocktails.

Got to see the hilarious Amy Schumer and Bill Hader live at the Social Movie Night for their movie Trainwreck. We were at the Cinestar at Kulturbrauerei on a very hot day and it was still hot even in the movie theatre, maybe that's why Amy was wearing this outfit that looked like it's supposed to be underwear ;)
Because the Social Movie Night is made by Youtubers there were a bunch of cameras filming the actor's every move, so Bill Hader went and chased them all in a corner. Pretty cool dude!

~ Made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for the husband's birthday.
~ When the husband goes into the water at the lake that means it's really really hot. We had some lovely visitors for the weekend and took our saturday brunch to the lake.
~ Brought home a Matcha drink from America. Too bad it had sugar in it, but this way you can dissolve it in cold water to have a refreshing drink at the office. Loving my mason jar mug <3

One of the weirdest concerts I ever went to happened this month: The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit in concert. It was at Waldbühne and the inner circle that is usually filled with the standing crowd at big rock concerts was covered with fake grass, a hobbit house and a huge ring. There were a bunch of costumed people on the grass that were mostly just sitting there during the concert and occasionally dancing. My favorites were a couple of trees in brown body suits, I think they were drag queens :P On the stage was the orchestra that played our favorite melodies from the movies and Mark Hadlow, who played the dwarf Dori in the Hobbit narrated the whole thing. It was supposed to be Sir Christopher Lee, but sadly he passed away earlier this year.
The weird thing about it was that they started with this endless intro that even contained a marriage proposal between a bearded warrior and a plus sized elf. The concert itself was quite random mixing scenes from all movies together in the wrong order and showing movies scenes that don't really match the music. Some songs they played multiple times like the Ed Sheeran song "I see fire" and the Hobbit celebration where everyone on the grass danced around like crazy. I think they just hired some fans with costumes as decoration.
Dear Claudi from Pixeltrash3000 came all the way from Halle to see this concert and it was kind of underwhelming after all. We spend the rest of the evening sorting LEGO's and watching The Return of the King, so a fun day all in all.

~ We had another showcase at work, the band was called Royal Republic and they definitely rocked our cantina! 5/5 Bazooka Points for the acoustic version of their Dick-Song.
~ Going to the Pure&Crafted Festival was an excellent & spontaneous idea. I was helping a friend move on the day and didn't even plan on going to the festival, but the move went by so fast that I was feeling really energized and ready to party. Dear Lu from LuLovesHandmade was very excited I could make it, because she was at the festival by herself. Actually thanks to her I didn't even have to pay to get in because a friend of her's had a guest list to spare. We saw The Refused and The Hives on the big stage outside of Ostbahnhof. Great shows indeed!

~ On the other end of the venue was a big fairground with all kinds of vendors and a huge round building called the Motodrom where the "Wall of Death" took place. Look at this! We came out with shaking knees! Crazy bastards.
~ I had such a great time with this lovely lady. I have seldom been more glad to be spontaneous and we actually danced until 3am in the morning. So much fun!
~ Spent the next day on our bed fort in the living room watching Youtube videos while the husband played Metal Gear Solid.
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