May 26, 2014

Our Wedding Invitations

After making the Save the Date's ourself we started working on the design of our actual wedding invitations. We chose a frame we found online which connects two branches with a bow and topped off with a crown. The two branches represent the two families connecting and the crown stands for our merged last names: Krowns.

The invitation was actually designed with Microsoft's word and paint programs, so super simple. I printed the invitations and RSVP cards on a thick lavender paper and cut it out at home with my paper cutter and a punch cutter. Then I just had to punch a hole in the RSVP card, cut a thread and connect it to the card.
And voila. There's our invitations. Nothing too fancy. Just the way we are.

By now we have heard back from all our invited guests and are excited for every single one of them attending our wedding. 32 days to go!

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