Apr 5, 2012

Window balkony

I like planting things. It makes me feel like I'm creating life.

Since we don't have a balcony in our apartment and our window sills are very slim I had to take matters into my own hands.

First I drilled holes into the window sill, 2 for each balcony flower box.

Then I screwed the water collectors on to the window sill.

After that I put the flower boxes in their place on the water collectors. Since the window sill is kinda uneven I attached a strong string going through some holes in the boxes and under the sill. The ends of the string is held by the closed window, so there's no chance the boxes can fall down!

View from inside with the windows closed:

I planted various herbs and some vegetables, though my mom said I'm silly for planting carrots in a box.
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