Jul 8, 2017

Picturesque Month 05'&06'17

~ May the 4th be with you! I showed off my handmade Star Wars skirt on Star Wars Day.
~ Sooo, can I get married again, please? Just kidding, but isn't this second hand wedding dress just gorgeous? Saw it at the Humana thrift store at Frankfurter Tor.

~ So excited to see the Gorillaz for the very first time in November this year. I've been a fan since their first Single: Clint Eastwood <3
~ Free Comic Book Day Haul. I also got the most recent Walking Dead comics. I started getting the comic books after reading the third compendium, the story was getting too exciting to wait for the next compendium!
~ I'm really happy about how many people took part in my Guardians of the Galaxy Give-Away! The husband got to draw the lucky winners and the Hoff presented them ;)

~ I went to see Embrace in the movie theatre. All my lovely ladies: Please watch this movie! It's got such a powerful message. We even got the chance to meet Nora Tschirner and Taryn Brumfitt fter the movie for a Q&A.
~ Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids played at Columbiatheater. The concert was pretty cool (apart from some obnoxious audience members), but the evening spent with some lovely ladies was much more fun <3 4/5 Bazooka Points for a jazzy & girly night.
~ There was another cool showcase at work. This time it was Joseph J. Jones whose talent I already got  to witness at Communion Night in February. 4/5 Bazooka Points for some broody manlyness in the work environment.

~ I went thrift shopping with my dear Lu from Luloveshandmade. Just for future references: If you ask me if I want to go thrift shopping, I am most likely to say Fuck Yeah! (Funny story: I was at Humana Second Hand when she asked :P) We were shopping at Vintage Berlin, which is full of gorgeous vintage dresses!
~ Thrifted lots of flowery clothes!
~ The husband is showing off the octopus bag I brought him from Fuerteventura. I bought it from the talented Camelia Neata at the Lajares Craft Market.

~ Had a lovely mini bachelorette adventure playing an exit game at Claustrophobia and having some Cocktails at Tiki Heart afterwards.
~ Thrift Haul Deluxe! One of my best hauls yet <3 Found Star Wars Vans in my size for 15€ and some Moscow Mule cups that I've been looking for forever among lots of other cool stuff.
~ We made another batch of Ginger beer! I hope I'll get to post the recipe soon.

~ Made a hoggy friend while cycling through the woods.
~ Mirror Selfie.
~ Went to the Malzwiese Festival where Dawanda was offering multiple diy workshops. I made this cool bead chain for my sunglasses (which are kind of useless for me, because I can't take off my glasses without putting on other glasses, cause I'm blind. So I gave it away to a friend.)

~ Went to Hamburg with a friend from work to see Amanda Fucking Palmer. You can tell we're very excited!
~ The concert was great, bt since she was touring with Edward Ka-Spel and their new album so she played very few of her own songs. 4/5 Bazooka Points because the journey is the destination, right?
~ Late night fun in Hamburg's red light district. We even dared to go on Herbertstraße, which is "forbidden" for non-business ladies.

~ Visited my favorite Hamburg AirBnB again after staying there last year for the Ronan Keating concert. I really love the wooden pallet style all over the apartment.
~ Of course we had to stop by Mamalicious for some delicious pancakes again! Definitely a must if you're visiting Hamburg.
~ The next travel destination was Nuremberg for my dear Sophie's wedding. I even got the husband to smile in a picture!

~ After all is said and done, it was a beautiful wedding! Being the maid of honor was a bit challenging at first, but the wine helped (had to translate the bride fathers speech simultaneously for example...).
~ We did a bit of sight seeing in Nuremberg, visiting the castle and the old town. A beautiful city really, too bad we only had half a day to explore before the bus took us home again.
~ Made a Pop-Up Card to hold my wedding gift for the happy couple. We used to call our group of friends the Undead and I was the Zombie ;) We also had a Vampire and a Corpse and the three of us all made cards that we connected to make a mini pop up book. It was much appreciated <3
~ Cool kids in the castle.
~ Home sweet home! I ordered the 4th and 5th season of Bob's Burgers for my birthday. It's our favorite breakfast show, cause everyone knows you watch cartoons for breakfast!

~ Won this supercute Pygmy Puff by the talented Helen at a charity auction on a Harry Potter DIY page on Facebook organized by Drachenherzfaser & Zentaurius.
~ Went to a DIY workshop the the Dawanda Snuggery, not knowing it was going to be my last workshop there :( We made cool stuff out of quick dry concrete, so of course I brought my Star Wars silicone forms.
~ Sadly Dawanda downsized and is closing up the Snuggery and let go a bunch of their employees. I'm really heartbroken for everyone who was fired and that I can never spend any creative evening there ever again. Thinking back to my first workshop at the Snuggery 4 years ago...

~ The husband was kind enough to heave this pallet up to our apartment on the 4th floor. Its home to all my baby palnties now.
~ Always a pleasure to visit the Gemeindehof in Karow where our wedding took place 3 years ago. Once a month they hold a fleamarket, which I try to visit as often as possible, because I always find so much cool stuff there (for super cheaps!).
~ This is my last thrift haul from that fleamarket. All together this stuff cost me less than 15€ :D
~ My pumpkin baby is growing like crazy! By now it's even got a bunch of flower buds.
~ Anniversary time <3
3 years of marriage and 12 years of knowing this goofball that i call my husband.

~ Reflecting on my Mindfulness workshop at work. I'm so glad we get the chance to educate ourselves during work hours.
~ Birthday time! I turned 30 on June 21st and got this awesome Awesome Mix from my colleague.
~ Brought cookies to work for my birthday.

~ Here you see a 30 year old playing with LEGO at the LEGO store in Berlin.
~ It's been so rainy lately! Good thing I always have Totoro on my back to lend me his umbrella.
~ Love is Love! Same sex marriage was just legalized in Germany <3

June is definitely my favorite month and this year proved that once again!
Cheers, Anni

May 8, 2017

Happy Birthday ~ 5 Years of Bazooka Crafts! + GotG *Give-Away*

I can't believe it been 5 years now since I started my very own DIY blog! So much has happened since then and I'm very proud that through all that change I was still able to take the time to keep this blog alive. Doing that with a full-time job is not always easy, but I somehow didn't lose my motivation after all this time.

Let's go on a time travel and back to the beginning of this blog:

My first blog banner was as diy as it can get! I cut out the letters from papers and magazine, glued them on a piece of graph paper and took a picture of it. Did a little of photo editing and slapped it on my blog, for 3 whole years!

My next banner was designed by my dear friend Sophie, you can check out her art on her Twitter account.

My last and final banner is also by Sophie and I really love it! It's definitely a huge step up from my first design and I love the way she made her first design even better to fit me and my blog's personality!

Let's get into the posts! In five years I have published 183 posts, that's an average of 36 posts a year... pretty impressive for a hobby blogger, I think. Check out some of my favorite and most popular posts:

~ The first ever post was our first Kitchen Buffet back in Munich. This was actually a pre-blog project that I took pictures of not knowing that I would publish them someday. It was really fun and our first big craft project in the apartment where my now husband and I lived together for the first time.
~ Not long after our first kitchen buffet I bought another one. Vintage furniture was really cheap to buy in Munich and I couldn't resist! This one was meant to show my love for the Walking Dead comics, as I decoupaged the doors with said comics.
I still have both of the Buffets, The first one's bottom is home to all of our kitchen appliances (top is in the basement) and the Walking Dead Buffet holds all of my craft supplies.

My first craft swap on Craftster was also Walking Dead related. Above you can see all the stuff I made for my swap partner. I also posted about the things I got.

Speaking of craft swaps, here's my second one:

It was a Harry Potter swap and I am very proud of the crafts I made. The ones I received in return were also not too shabby ;)

You might recognize these Galaxy Shoes from my blog banner, although I never wore them in real live as I made them for my then future husband.

The Death Star Clock is one of my most popular posts on the blog. Which makes it a pity that the picture I took for this post were pretty horrible. Oh well... the clock ended up at my future husbands workplace and never found its way home again. May the Force be with it!

Speaking of the future husband. This was his first and last post , which is sad, because it's called Part I, but there was never sequel...
~You know you're a hipster nerd when your love for Science Fiction is a plaid sweater. Still like to wear my Star Wars vs Star Trek sweater.
~ Definitely one of my Highlight in the past 5 years; The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug Premiere! I was in the audience to watch all the Stars come down the red carpet and actually won a ticket for the premiere :D

Speaking of winning:

I won an upcycling contest with my Crochet VHS-Tape Clutch. Got to go to Hamburg for an Upcycling workshop, hotel and trainride included.

Oh yeah, there were some more workshops:

For example my first workshop at the Dawanda Snuggery. I had been following Lu from Luloveshandmade for a while ba then and always admired the workshops she looked after back then. We made cute nail art, the Mr & Mrs Krowns sign was made for my upcoming wedding.

And then there were the Long Nights of DIY:

I'm happy to say that I participated in every Long Night of DIY so far. The two first ones were at the Dawanda Snuggery in 2013 and 2014. The next one in 2015 was already much bigger than the first events and to top it all I had my very own DIY worksshop at the event in 2016.

There's been posts about the holidays:

During the 12 days of Halloween I really hit my blogging limits. The plan was to post every day for 12 days until Halloween... yeah, that's not quite what happened. I did make it to the 12th post though!

We have never had a traditional christmas tree. Instead we made our own tradition by making alternative Christmas trees. I really liked our Pixel Christmas Tree, which I made for our first Christmas at our own home. The TP Christmas Tree was a little smaller, perfect as a christmas center piece. Pssstt... it's made of toilet paper rolls!

Smooth transition to the iron throne (you know, cause tp.. porcelain throne... ah, nevermind)

~ Got to visit the Game of Thrones Exhibitin Berlin. Do you know a better way to celebrate your anniversary? Me neither! And it was totally worth it to see the husband in a suit on the Iron Throne.
~ I also visited the Harry Potter Studio Tourin London. What a wonderful place! I definitely want to go back someday.
I also made videos for both of these posts. Dabbled in video editing for a bit, but it's way too much work to do both, I'd rather choose blogging over videos.

And finally one of my favorite posts from last year: Sherlock Tea Bag Cookies
Made these for a viewing party of the victorian special episode, one of my faves!

Alright, if you made it to the end of this post there's a reward! I get to Give Away a bunch of Posters of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Also, there will be one Grand Prize winner who will receive a Funko Baby Groot and a fake Cassette Player. Isn't that awesome? I might even throw in a couple of other Goodies.
There are 3 ways you can enter this Give Away:
1. Via Instagram - Follow the instructions on this Instagram Post
2. Via Facebook - Follow the instructions of the Pinned Post on my Facebook page
3. Via comment on this post! Follow my blog and let me know in the comments what kind of posts you would like to see in the (hopefully) next five years. Leave your email adress so I can get back to you in case you win!
Alright, that's it! Last day to enter is Saturday, the 13th of May. Winners will be announced on Sunday, the 14th of May! Anyone in Europe can enter.
Good Luck!

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