Oct 15, 2017

Jack O'Lantern Vegan Pumpkin Quiche


It's the most wonderful time of the year... Halloween!
And what's the most halloweeny food of the all? Pumpkin Pie! And what would make it even more halloweeny? Jack O'Lantern pie crust decoration!
So that's what I made.
Here's the ingredients:
400g flour ( I used spelt flour)
200g margarine or 8tbs oil
1/2 Hokkaido pumpkin
1/2 package smoked tofu
1 leek
500ml soy or oat cream
1 chili pepper
salt & pepper
40g corn starch
And the instructions are as follows:
Mix the flour and the margarine or oil with a teaspoon of salt to a smooth dough. Don't mix it too much to receive a nice flaky crust. Put the dough in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge while preparing the rest of the ingredients.
Chop up the smoked tofu into small cubes and fry it for a couple of minutes in a pan with oil until they are crispy and golden brown. Cut up the pumpkin and leek and add those to the frying pan for a couple more minutes.
Pour the soy or oat cream into a bowl, mix in the corn starch and add the salt & pepper to taste. Chop up the chili pepper and add that and the fried tofu, pumpkin and leek to the cream. Give it aquick mix, so some of the pretty orange from the pumkin colours the cream.

Then it's time to get out the dough from the fridge and roll it out to a 5mm thick crust. To transfer the crust to the pie pan roll up the douph on your rolling pin and unroll it onto the pie tin. With the excess rolled out dough I cut out three pumpkin shapes and used a sharp knife carve the faces.
Pour the pumkin mix into the pie crust and add the pumpkin crust decoration on top.
Then bake for 40 minutes at 180°C and let it cool down a little bit afterwards so the starch can thicken (good time to take pictures without the husband judging you too much ;).

And then it's finally time to taste this pumkiny goodness!


The quiche was really good and I will definitely make it again this fall! This was the first time I made the crust with oil instead of margarine and the husband really liked it, because it turned out much more flaky than usual.

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Since we had half a pumpkin and a bit more than a third of the quiche left I made pumpkin soup the next day and it went perfectly with the leftover pumpkin quiche <3
By the way, the pumpkin decoration is diy as well as you may have guessed. I've written about them in my DIY Witches Cauldron post.

Are you making anything special for Halloween?
For more spooktacular Halloween content check my 12 Days of Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Oct 8, 2017

DIY Pallet Planter and Balcony Table

Fall is finally here, so it's the perfect time to show you my summer balcony project, right? Right! Maybe it'll inspire you to to a similar project for springtime.

I wanted to do a pallet diy for so long, so when I saw one of these bad boys hanging out next to the trash at our apartment complex I took the chance and made the husband carry it up to the fourth floor for me. Then it was time to think of a good use for it (of course the husband thought I already thought of that..). I definitely wanted it to be a place for my selfgrwn plant babies, but I didn't want to put too much work into it at first, so I just turned it to its side bottom front and placed the plant pots in it ike so:
Eventually my plants grew up and became too big for their pot and the pallet, so I had to rethink the system. This is what I came up with.
I took the pallet and a wooden crate I (luckily) found at the public transit station Friedrichstraße just lying around. My idea was to build a table from the pallet and use the crate as extra shelving. for that I needed to saw up the pallet like so:

Guess what? I sawed everything by hand! It was a ton of work, but lots of fun. Took me a whole afternoon. Then it was time to attach the sawed off ends of the pallet to use as table legs. I used long screws and L-brackets for this in three different spots for each leg to secure the position.

Then I had a stable table that fit perfectly in front of our living room window on the balcony. Next I gave it a light sanding and a quick coat of purple and copper spray paint. Lastly I added the wooden crate, gave that a spray paint coat and after letting it dry for an hour the table was ready to be set!
All done! My plants look so much happier and actually have space to grow out and most importantly up! Here's a before and after:

Definitely a big difference. And check out the fruits of my labour below. Sadly not all tomatoes grew ripe as it was a really cold and rainy summer, but I'm still very proud of my homegrown plants and it was great practice for our garden next year!
Partying at Alt Trifft Neu - Upcycling Blog Party

Sep 5, 2017

Picturesque Month 07'17 *incl. Birthday & Kopenhagen Vacation*

~ Here you can see the rare state of tidyness of my craft area! I got some new camera lenses and I've been really obsessed with the fisheye as you can tell.
~ Fisheye shot of our annual fashion week visit. You can count us in if there's free booze ;)
~ Work break well spent with a mini photoshoot on top of the Universal building. I don't go up there as often as I should, the view is amazing!

~ Can't believe I only went to one concert this month, but this one was quite amazing. Romano is a german Rapper, which should make me dislike his music by default, but there's something about this guy... so I have to make an exception. So I went to his new album showcase a bunch of my colleagues and the husband and it rocked!
~ You can actually watch part of the Showcase here on Facebook, definitely 5/5 Bazooka Points for a great evening with an extraordinary artist and friends.
~ Another extraordinary artist sent me a postcard! Amanda Palmer asked all of her Patreon supporters if they wanted a postcard from her and of course everyone did. On the same day I received a postcard from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida that I won in a charity auction. It was really nice to get mail that wasn't bills or unwanted ads for a change!

~ Beautiful Pumpkin flower <3
~ Showing off my Harry Potter Shirt and my handmade Felix Felicis necklace.
~ June is my birthday month and I turned 30 this year. For this occasion I wanted to make a cake that I always got on my birthday when I was a child. It's called Kalter Hund (cold dog) and it is made of shortbread cookies and a mix of coconut fat and cacao which is layered to make a cake. It's delicicious!

~ Too bad I forgot to bring the cake to my birthday party... Oh well, I had no shortage of sweets for my 30th kids birthday as you can see here.
~ It was quite a party! Totally forgot to take pictures, because I was so busy catching up with everyone who came and putting on temporary tattoos ;)
~ I did take two polaroids at the end of the party when the last of us girls were rocking out to 90s songs on the dancefloor! Thanks to everyone who made this birthday extra special <3

~ Vacation time! We took the bus and ferry to Denmark's capitol for our small summer holiday.
~ We booked an apartment via AirBnB which was not as luxurious as advertised, but it was still nice to have a place all to ourselves.
~ Coffee and a Cinnamon Snegl at our favorite place in Kopenhagen, the Torvehallerne, a market hall with food and drink from all around the world. We went there twice in the 4 days we were there.

~ Cuddles with BB-8 at the Disney store.
~ After visiting the original we saw the LEGO version of Nyhavn at the LEGO store.
~ The city hall was fenced off for the filming of a danish Netflix show. It looked like an apocalyptic scenario that was confirmed by this article I found online, very excited to see which scene they filmed while we were there when it aires in 2018. One thing is for sure: the scandinavian apocalypse looks very clean and there were a bunch of bikes.
~ Rosenborg Slot <3
~ We also visited the local Ripley's Believe it or Not which is like a cabinet of curiosities from all around the world and they had this huge Godzilla made of metal scraps in their entrance hall.

~ Of course we had visit a few other geeky shops. After spending the first half of our last day thrifting(where I found these danish Micky Mouse & Donald Duck books) we spent the rest of the day visiting merch and comic stores.
~ This awesome Totoro wall mural can be found at the Animerch Store.
~ And we found this gigantic dragon sculpture at one of the 3 Faraos Cigarer shops, which were awesome! Comics, Merch & boardgames from top to bottom. All a nerd could wish for!

~ Just one day after getting back home we were at a dear friends wedding. It was a super relaxing summer garden celebration without any big activities, we had a great time! Congrats again Mia & Johnny.
~ Staycation breakfasts are the best breakfasts! Especially when there's cold brew, french toast and Bob's Burgers involved.
~ Summer wine at work when you're not working..perfect!

~ Of course I've been crafting during my vacation as well! My planter pallet was getting too small for my baby plants so I made it into a pallet table. More on that soon.
~ And then to celebrate the almost non-excisting summer this year I fixed up the sun hat I got on Fuerteventura. I stitched a hearty "fuck off" by hand with a sequined ribbon. Too bad I never actually got to wear it because the sun was barely out this summer. Maybe next year :)
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