Aug 12, 2012

Arts 'n' Crafts 'round the house

I like to surround myself with handmade or thrifted goods. Most of our furniture is second hand and our wall-art is mostly hand made.

Here's a few examples:
A gift from M&M, good friends of ours for our engagement. Such an awesome idea & super sweet. It's placed above our bed.

This was a christmas gift to my man 2 years ago. He loved the Neptune Fountain even before he ever placed a foot in Germany. The picture is from a Berlin calender and I found the frame in my parents attic.

A handmade laptop-case for my man, used it once so far on our trip to Washington. As long as it's unused it decorates our bedroom wall. Not my best sewing work, I might add...

Heart-shaped cutout of cork and a bit of cloth. Add some pins and you got a nice jewellery holder to pimp you wall.

Self-made calender from a folder, half-calendar, half pinboard.

Simple way to keep your paper towel in reach. Figured that out while wondering what to do with my humongous amount of scarves from when they were "in".

So yeah, eboy is pretty cool. That's why I decided to upcycle this thrifted mirror with his Berlin-artwork.

Count Duckula is pretty cool too! A homage to my childhood hero, the vegetarian vampire duck.

And last, but very far from least; a portrait of myself. A gift for my 21st Birthday from my good friend and artist Rory from skalitzers. Be sure to check out his new gallery soon if you're around Revaler Straße in Berlin.

That's it for now. I might do one of these with our furniture. It's nice to find out the story behind a piece of wood sometimes..
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