Mar 10, 2014

Size Wars - More Love for the Stormtrooper!

I got an awesome Star Wars tank top for cheaps a while back, but since it was way too small I've never really worn it and even though I'm losing a few pounds at the moment I'm sure I'll never be a petite/small size. So I grabbed another shirt that was a bit stained aleady and made a comfy shirt out of both of those.

I started out with these two shirts. The red one was from a flea market and got permanently stained by some squished cherries in summertime. The Star Wars Shirt is from a Sale at my company, we have a merchandising subsidiary and they do a huge sale every half a year or so and I got so much Star Wars and Batman stuff for so little money, it's insane. I really loved the print, so I had to get it even though the size is not even close to what I usually wear.

First I cut apart the main shirt. I used a tool to remove the thread between the fabric so I wouldn't lose much of the fabric and shape of the shirt.
Then I cut out two pieces of the same size from the red shirt to sew in between the cut out side of the main shirt.

I sewed it twice and sealed the excess with a decorative stitch from the outside to add an extra pop.

It's so much more comfy now and flowing instead of strangling. Also it's just an awesome shirt which got a little more special by adding the matching red fabric on the sides. An ideal way to fix up the shirt that got too small when you're not ready to let it go.

This post will be part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.

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