Dec 1, 2015

Picturesque Month ~ 09'15 *London Spam*

~ September continued to be sunny and warm, this summer didn't seem to end! Enjoyed many lunch breaks on my work's terrace facing the Spree.
~ Hippie Indian Summer <3 A few of my colleagues and I tried out temporary tattoos.
~ And then we spent the evening on my boss' roof terrace with this beautiful overview of Berlin's TV tower.

~ I bought a metal modell of the Star Trek Enterprise in the US and started working on it.
~ Also bought a bunch of masking tape from Tchibo.
~ Went to a craft book launch party at the Dawanda Snuggery, too bad we got to make the most boring diy out of the whole book...

In September we always have our sales conference Universal Inside where our departments show off their hot new stuff for the next few months and celebrate themselves for the past months ;)
~ Germany's next big thing in rap: Romano
~ Canada's biggest export since Maple Syrup: Bryan Adams
~ Canada's second biggest export: Justin Bieber ;)
The best part of the conference was those last two singing Bieber's Baby, awesome and spontaneous musical moment!

~ Finished the metal model of the Enterprise from Star Trek and had some fun with it ;) Here's my therory on how Sherlock survived the fall!
~ Ate some cookies at the Social Movie Night for M. Night Shyamalan's latest movie The Visit. The movie was alright, a little boring after the "twist" and definitely not as scary as the trailer makes it out to be.

And then then I went off with lightly packed bags to my long awaited Girls-Vacation in London! We planned tfor this trip way ahead, because we bought tickets to see Hamlet in theatre more than a year earlier. Isn't that insane? Good thing we were all still available for the date and actually made a whole week's trip out of the occasion.
~ Stayed at the Lancaster Hall Hotel right across from Hyde Park and just a few minutes away from Oxford Street. Such a good idea to go for a hotel instead of a hostel, because we ended up spending about the same because of the included breakfast and the walking distance to many sights.
~ That's the sky that awaited us every single day of the week! We had such good weather, not very London-like at all!
~ Stopped by the Dr.Martens store on Oxford street and ran into a music showcase with free Jack Daniels drinks, hah! I wish I fit into these kid's Adventure time boots!

~ Best Girlcation Buddies <3
~ Love the view from London Brigde! I think the building in the middle looks like a giant tv.
~ Tower Bridge Selfie. Spent the first day sightseeing for a bit in central London and then headed towards Watford Junction for our busride to the Warner Brothers Studios.

Finally got to visit the Harry Potter exhibit at the Warner Bros Studio Tour! It was so much fun, I could have spent all day there. We were there for 3 hours and still didn't see evething!
~ I don't think Snape and I get along...
~ Butterbeer! It was delicious <3
~ So many wands. Can't believe they actually handmade all of the props. No wonder J.K. Rowling didn't want the production to be in Hollywood, they would have destroyed all og the magic with cgi.

~ They had so many original outfits like Professor Lupin and the Snape Boggart.
~ 50 Shades of Pink: Umbridge's office at the Ministry of Magic.
~ Hogwarts Selfie. Don't worry, I have so many pictures of the exhibit, I'll write up a post just for that soon!

~ One of the thing I bought in London is this Adventure Time shirt from Primark. I really do hate that store though... the dress was for the special occasion of seeing Hamlet of course. Bought me some fancy shoes at a thrift store there, wore them twice and then returned them. I just can't wera heels!
~ Love the Barbican building. It's huge! The theatre culture in Britain is really admirable, of course it helps that many british actors still do a lot of theatre and draw in a young audience.
~ Stopped by the stage door after the show, so many young ladies waiting for Mr. Cumberbatch!

~ When you're in England you have to have fish and chips! Went to Poppies in Camden, it was simply delish! Tried to find a decent pub to have some Saturday night drinks after that, but it was the Rugby championship, so all the pubs were packed! So we decided to go back to the hotel and just get some bottled cider on the way, but then ended up in a pub right across from our hotel, found seats right away and had the most delicious cider from the tap!
~ Somehow two of us even ended up in Soho and didn't get to bed until 3am that night, but that's not a story for this blog ;)
~ Hungover british breakfast! Yums.

~ Hmm, you sure?
~ Found Paddington in Paddigton <3
~ So, did you know you're not supposed to feed the squirrels in Hyde Park? I definitely didn't and continued to do so.

The London skyline from Greenwich Park right by the Planetarium <3 Can you believe this weather we were having?

~ We got up at 3am to see the Super Bloodmoon. It was so worth it! So beautiful.
~Love all the London thrift stores. They're called charity shops in Britain and one of the biggest chains is the British Red Cross, they had these cool vintage posters for sale.
~ If you're a Disney fan you have to stop by the Disney store on Oxford Street! Much fun to be had, even if you don't buy anything.

~ There was a Cinderella carriage, that was a pumkin on one side of the room and a beautiful silver carriage on the other side.
~ The Frozen section of the store was decorated with these cute trolls.
~ And of course there was a huge Star Wars section with the super cute BB-8 toy.

On our last night we went on a ride with the London Eye at dusk. It was so beautiful! Get your tickets ahead online, so you don't have to wait in line forever.

~ The Parliament & Big Ben at dusk. We couldn't have been there at a better time!
~ London Eye Selfie with lit up London <3
~ Had the best Ramen ever at Wagamama's on Southbank afterwards.

~ It was almost warm enough for us to sit outside by the river and share a sixpack of Cider. Almost, we moved pretty soon, but the view was amazing.
~ Spent our last night hunting autographs at the Barbican by going there before the play was over. There already a bunch of girls waiting, of course. Two of my friends were lucky enough to get an autograph from Mr. Cumberbatch, but at least I got one from the "king beyond the wall" Ciarán Hinds.
~ Found the best ugly sweater in the vintag section of Topman on Oxford Street!

~ On my search for the Forbidden Planet geekstore I stumbled upon a very cool comic book store called Orbital Comics where I found these awesome Buffy and Angel toys for only 5 pounds each. Too bad I was only travelling with a carry on, otherwise I would have bought a bunch of these, especially the bunny Anya. I finally decided on an Angel figurine.
~ I eventually found the Forbidden Planet Megastore and marvelled at the variety of geeky stuff. Especially loved this John Watson figurine, almost looks like Mr Freeman.
~ So much Star Wars goodness. Most of these toys and figurine were quite pricey though, only bought a robot from Pacific Rim for the husband from there.

If you want to check out more Instagram fun from our trip to London check the Tag #fuckingbritishmate. This was by far my favorite trip to London yet, been there 4 times in total. I'll definitely post some more of the Harry Potter exhibit and maybe a small geek guide to London. I miss it already!
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