Apr 14, 2016

Picturesque Month ~ 02'16

~February was filled with concerts! Starting with a showcase of one of our labels at work. The showcase was at the Haubentaucher and the bands were Julian le Play, Niila und Elias Hadjeus, three newcomers at Universal's Polydor/island label. Samu Haber from Sunrise Avenue was there as well to promote and introduce his "protege" Niila.
~ Niila was actually the only reason I was at the event, because both of the other artists were german and there are actually only a handful of german artists I can really listen to. I really like his music and can't wait what the future brings for this young singer, especially with a mentor like Samu. 5/5 Bazooka Points for an entertaining showcase.
~ Another band I saw was The Libertines, actually for the very first time. It was alright. 3/5 Bazooka Points for them not being completely wasted.

I have to admit, I still have a thing for my teenage star crush Ronan Keating. So when his new record popped up as confidential in our release schedule my heart skipped a beat. It took quite a few months until there was a definite release date, so when that day finally came close I was more than happy to be able to listen to the full record ahead and even more happy to hear he was coming to Berlin for promotion and doing an exclusive radio show. Of course I had to be on that guestlist and it was magical! I've actually never seen him live, so to listen to those songs live that got me over quite a few heartbreaks as a teen was incredible.
Plus: What a hottie, still! <3
15/5 Bazooka Points ~ be still my teenage heart

Even more concerts:
~ Pete Yorn in the Universal reception hall 4/5
~ Lemaitre - norwegian indie electro 4/5
~ Walking On Cars - Irish rock, not too memorable though 3/5

~ Homemade body scrub as a last minute birthday gift. I should post the recipe here sometimes, really simple and super sustainable.
~ Saw The Hateful 8 at a fancy movie theatre with curtain and all, I really liked the movie. Many people say it's too long with too many dialogues, but that's what makes Tarantino's movies so special, because it's still very entertaining!
~The husband wanted to take me out on a secret date. He had found this dark restaurant where you dine completely blind and tried not to tell me about it for a couple of weeks. Thing is, he's really bad at keeping and always wants to tell me what he's getting me for christmas etc. So when he accidentally revelealed what it was on the way there (he said it doesn't really matter what I'm wearing at that place and i guessed the dark restaurant) I was kinda freaking out, because I'm just a little afraid of the dark. But in the end it was such a cool experience, there's really no way to describe it. The food was awesome as well, a little expensive, but definitely worth it!
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