May 7, 2017

Picturesque Month 03'&04'17 *incl. Fuerteventura Vacation*

~ Shelfie! Our livingroom shelves are full of all of our nerdy and geeky possesions. My newest conquest is the Harry Potter Wizard Collection that one of my colleagues gave to me recently <3
~ Workshop time at the Dawanda Snuggery. This time we learned about making beautiful centerpieces and festive decorations with eucalyptus. Got to take home a beautiful eucalyptus wreath which I let dry and it's decorating our livingroom window now.
~ I got to see the beautiful and talented Sigrid again. Can't wait to see her at Lollapalooza this year (finally a non-work event ;) 5/5 Bazooka Points for pure Awesomeness

~ I finished my first ever handsewn dress! I had the fabric for a while now; a Mermaid Barbie bedsheet from the thrift store. Making dress was quite a challenge and I needed some extra motivation to finish it, you can read all about that in this blogpost.
~Loved this leftover piece of fabric with a butterfly seahorse so much that I made a matching tote bag for the dress <3
~ Another thing I sewed was this dinosaur wash bag. I couldn't find any bag I like at the store so I made it myself! I love that about crafting. Can't find anything you like? Then make it yourself!
~ Right before my vacation I went on a juice fast for a week. It went really well! I could have continued for another week if I didn't "have to" go on vacation, it just felt so right. And I loved the feeling afterwards as well. The body is so much better at telling you what it wants after a cleanse like that (not writing detox, cause come on... science!).
~ Fewlt so good about my body that I bought these highwaisted light blue acid washed jeans at the thrift store that really show off my bum :P Found the Minnie Mouse shirt there as well. 5€ for both, score!

Now for the Vacation Spam:

50 Shades of Turquoise <3
~ Danish cider on a spanish island. See that island in the background? That's where we took the pictures above. Island life is truly great!
~ We got to cuddle with lemurs at Oasis Park. Isn't it adorable? Of course we didn't actually cuddle with them, they're wild animals that shouldn't be touched, but they felt comfortable enough to jump around on us to get to their fruit snacks and stop for a photo op.

~ I'm glad the dromedary didn't eat our straw hats! The heat was pretty intense that day as we were in the south of the island and the sun was burning on our heads. Good thing we had those hats!
~ I think I found the only thrift store on the island! Well, at least the only one with clothes in it. Too bad I didn' find anything there, but I did find something on the small craft market across from it. A cool octopus tote bag for the husband and a necklace for me. The town was called Lajares and I really fell in love with it. So if I win a bunch of money that's where my vacation home will be :P
~ We explored the caves of Ajuy, so fascinating!
~ Here's me in front of the caves with my new necklace and my shirt from Chapter One.
~ Surfer Chic! We went surfing with Billabong for a crash course. It was so much fun! I would love to come back and do a full week of surfing, especially because the beach in Cotillo is so beautiful. I did get stung by a weever fish though, which was pain... literally! I can still see where it stung me on my foot, but it only hurt for a couple of days.

~ Spanish Bert says Hola!
~ I can still do a backbend from a standing position :D The dunes of Corralejo were the perfect backdrop for this picture of course.
~ Our AirBnB was pretty cool. The apartment complex even had a pool that was open for everyone. And since it was still winter for canary standards we had it almost to ourselves.
I can only recommend a vacation on Fuerteventure! We enjoyed it immensely, too bad it was only a week off.

~ Back in Berlin it seemed like spring had finally sprung. Bought some plants at the juvenile prison's spring market and took my bike to my brother's new garden where the plant found a home.
~ Got to see Kraftklub at Musik und Frieden for a special Universal only showcase. The whole company was invited to listen to the new album before anyone else as a thank you from the band. I probably would have never seen them otherwise, because they play huge venues which I don't enjoy as much, especially not with bands I'm not the biggest fan of. But seeing them from the first row in a tiny club was pretty special! 5/5 Bazooka Points for a great show and convincing me that not all german bands are shit ;)
~ Went to Dong Xuan Center this easter. Every once in a while we go there to look at cheap plastic things and eat great vietnamese food.

~ What helps after an exhausting family visit on easter? Chocolate! And maybe some booze.
~ April was full of long weekends, and on long weekends we have late and long breaksfasts!
~ Also brunches! I invited some friends for a craft lunch on easter monday. We made dragon eggs! Get it? Cause it's easter... well... I also made a dragon quiche that was pretty popular! Made the dragon decoration by using my T-Rex and Batman cookie cutters :D

~ I also made a lampshade with a dinosaur fabric. Because dinosaurs are awesome! Fits perfectly next to our stereo system and Star Wars spaceship models. And yes, the lightswitch is a disco ball.
~ Got to go to Munich to visit the huge fleamarket on Theresienwiese again after missing it last year for the first time in 6 years.
~ My thrift haul. Everything on this table was 8,25€ in total, alsomst half of it was free!

~ Made a baby Groot button with my new buttonmaker that I found at the fleamarket.
~ Finally got to see Guardians of the Galaxy! I liked it a lot, maybe even a little more than the first film, if that's possible. Loved all the character development, especially Drax and Rocket! But I don't want to say too much, you have to see for yourself.
~ Went to a delicious vegan brunch at Playing with Eels with a dear friend. The food was scrumptious! Definitely recommend this brunch!
~ After-Brunch stroll through the cemetery. Berlin has so many beautiful cemeteries, I love discovering them.
~Launched a Give-Away on Instagram and Facebook. I get to give away 10 Posters from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Stop by if you want to win!
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