Jul 8, 2017

Picturesque Month 05'&06'17

~ May the 4th be with you! I showed off my handmade Star Wars skirt on Star Wars Day.
~ Sooo, can I get married again, please? Just kidding, but isn't this second hand wedding dress just gorgeous? Saw it at the Humana thrift store at Frankfurter Tor.

~ So excited to see the Gorillaz for the very first time in November this year. I've been a fan since their first Single: Clint Eastwood <3
~ Free Comic Book Day Haul. I also got the most recent Walking Dead comics. I started getting the comic books after reading the third compendium, the story was getting too exciting to wait for the next compendium!
~ I'm really happy about how many people took part in my Guardians of the Galaxy Give-Away! The husband got to draw the lucky winners and the Hoff presented them ;)

~ I went to see Embrace in the movie theatre. All my lovely ladies: Please watch this movie! It's got such a powerful message. We even got the chance to meet Nora Tschirner and Taryn Brumfitt fter the movie for a Q&A.
~ Tom Schilling & The Jazz Kids played at Columbiatheater. The concert was pretty cool (apart from some obnoxious audience members), but the evening spent with some lovely ladies was much more fun <3 4/5 Bazooka Points for a jazzy & girly night.
~ There was another cool showcase at work. This time it was Joseph J. Jones whose talent I already got  to witness at Communion Night in February. 4/5 Bazooka Points for some broody manlyness in the work environment.

~ I went thrift shopping with my dear Lu from Luloveshandmade. Just for future references: If you ask me if I want to go thrift shopping, I am most likely to say Fuck Yeah! (Funny story: I was at Humana Second Hand when she asked :P) We were shopping at Vintage Berlin, which is full of gorgeous vintage dresses!
~ Thrifted lots of flowery clothes!
~ The husband is showing off the octopus bag I brought him from Fuerteventura. I bought it from the talented Camelia Neata at the Lajares Craft Market.

~ Had a lovely mini bachelorette adventure playing an exit game at Claustrophobia and having some Cocktails at Tiki Heart afterwards.
~ Thrift Haul Deluxe! One of my best hauls yet <3 Found Star Wars Vans in my size for 15€ and some Moscow Mule cups that I've been looking for forever among lots of other cool stuff.
~ We made another batch of Ginger beer! I hope I'll get to post the recipe soon.

~ Made a hoggy friend while cycling through the woods.
~ Mirror Selfie.
~ Went to the Malzwiese Festival where Dawanda was offering multiple diy workshops. I made this cool bead chain for my sunglasses (which are kind of useless for me, because I can't take off my glasses without putting on other glasses, cause I'm blind. So I gave it away to a friend.)

~ Went to Hamburg with a friend from work to see Amanda Fucking Palmer. You can tell we're very excited!
~ The concert was great, bt since she was touring with Edward Ka-Spel and their new album so she played very few of her own songs. 4/5 Bazooka Points because the journey is the destination, right?
~ Late night fun in Hamburg's red light district. We even dared to go on Herbertstraße, which is "forbidden" for non-business ladies.

~ Visited my favorite Hamburg AirBnB again after staying there last year for the Ronan Keating concert. I really love the wooden pallet style all over the apartment.
~ Of course we had to stop by Mamalicious for some delicious pancakes again! Definitely a must if you're visiting Hamburg.
~ The next travel destination was Nuremberg for my dear Sophie's wedding. I even got the husband to smile in a picture!

~ After all is said and done, it was a beautiful wedding! Being the maid of honor was a bit challenging at first, but the wine helped (had to translate the bride fathers speech simultaneously for example...).
~ We did a bit of sight seeing in Nuremberg, visiting the castle and the old town. A beautiful city really, too bad we only had half a day to explore before the bus took us home again.
~ Made a Pop-Up Card to hold my wedding gift for the happy couple. We used to call our group of friends the Undead and I was the Zombie ;) We also had a Vampire and a Corpse and the three of us all made cards that we connected to make a mini pop up book. It was much appreciated <3
~ Cool kids in the castle.
~ Home sweet home! I ordered the 4th and 5th season of Bob's Burgers for my birthday. It's our favorite breakfast show, cause everyone knows you watch cartoons for breakfast!

~ Won this supercute Pygmy Puff by the talented Helen at a charity auction on a Harry Potter DIY page on Facebook organized by Drachenherzfaser & Zentaurius.
~ Went to a DIY workshop the the Dawanda Snuggery, not knowing it was going to be my last workshop there :( We made cool stuff out of quick dry concrete, so of course I brought my Star Wars silicone forms.
~ Sadly Dawanda downsized and is closing up the Snuggery and let go a bunch of their employees. I'm really heartbroken for everyone who was fired and that I can never spend any creative evening there ever again. Thinking back to my first workshop at the Snuggery 4 years ago...

~ The husband was kind enough to heave this pallet up to our apartment on the 4th floor. Its home to all my baby palnties now.
~ Always a pleasure to visit the Gemeindehof in Karow where our wedding took place 3 years ago. Once a month they hold a fleamarket, which I try to visit as often as possible, because I always find so much cool stuff there (for super cheaps!).
~ This is my last thrift haul from that fleamarket. All together this stuff cost me less than 15€ :D
~ My pumpkin baby is growing like crazy! By now it's even got a bunch of flower buds.
~ Anniversary time <3
3 years of marriage and 12 years of knowing this goofball that i call my husband.

~ Reflecting on my Mindfulness workshop at work. I'm so glad we get the chance to educate ourselves during work hours.
~ Birthday time! I turned 30 on June 21st and got this awesome Awesome Mix from my colleague.
~ Brought cookies to work for my birthday.

~ Here you see a 30 year old playing with LEGO at the LEGO store in Berlin.
~ It's been so rainy lately! Good thing I always have Totoro on my back to lend me his umbrella.
~ Love is Love! Same sex marriage was just legalized in Germany <3

June is definitely my favorite month and this year proved that once again!
Cheers, Anni
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