Oct 8, 2017

DIY Pallet Planter and Balcony Table

Fall is finally here, so it's the perfect time to show you my summer balcony project, right? Right! Maybe it'll inspire you to to a similar project for springtime.

I wanted to do a pallet diy for so long, so when I saw one of these bad boys hanging out next to the trash at our apartment complex I took the chance and made the husband carry it up to the fourth floor for me. Then it was time to think of a good use for it (of course the husband thought I already thought of that..). I definitely wanted it to be a place for my selfgrwn plant babies, but I didn't want to put too much work into it at first, so I just turned it to its side bottom front and placed the plant pots in it ike so:
Eventually my plants grew up and became too big for their pot and the pallet, so I had to rethink the system. This is what I came up with.
I took the pallet and a wooden crate I (luckily) found at the public transit station Friedrichstraße just lying around. My idea was to build a table from the pallet and use the crate as extra shelving. for that I needed to saw up the pallet like so:

Guess what? I sawed everything by hand! It was a ton of work, but lots of fun. Took me a whole afternoon. Then it was time to attach the sawed off ends of the pallet to use as table legs. I used long screws and L-brackets for this in three different spots for each leg to secure the position.

Then I had a stable table that fit perfectly in front of our living room window on the balcony. Next I gave it a light sanding and a quick coat of purple and copper spray paint. Lastly I added the wooden crate, gave that a spray paint coat and after letting it dry for an hour the table was ready to be set!
All done! My plants look so much happier and actually have space to grow out and most importantly up! Here's a before and after:

Definitely a big difference. And check out the fruits of my labour below. Sadly not all tomatoes grew ripe as it was a really cold and rainy summer, but I'm still very proud of my homegrown plants and it was great practice for our garden next year!
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