Apr 22, 2018

Franken-Bat-Sweater ~ DIY Hoodie Recycling

I've been meaning to make a sweater for myself with the tutorial I got from the Partywoods Sweater Workshop and a couple of months ago I finally found a fabric that was awesome enough for me. Bats! I love bats! Even got a tattoo of a bat on my back.
To make the sweater I recycled a merch hoodie that I got for free at my work. I took it apart and was able to use the arms as a whole and I pieced together some of the reast for the top and bottom hem.
Now to the technical stuff:

Since the hoodie that I recycled had normal arms and the sweater tutorial I had was for a raglan sweater I had to figure out how to alter the pattern to make a functional sweater.

I decided to make the neckline a lot more wide than the original sweater which I used as a template to make my new design. Also the sleeves were much more baggy than the original ones, so I turned them into a slight bat wing sleeves. I thought that was fitting for the fabric.
Since the sleeves were more wide I made the body a little wider as well and also longer, just cause I like to cover my butt.
After I cut out all of the right pieces I put it together with sewing pins and tried it on before sewing to see if it would fit. Sewing pins are so much easier to handle, I've poked myself a bunch when putting it together with needles. Luckily it fit great, so I sewed it all up and added the hems top and bottom.

And this is how it turned out:

Thankfully Anne from Partywoods helped me with these fantastic photos. We met on Tempelhofer Feld and had so much fun together doing this silly photoshoot.
<3 <3 <3 This lady is so creative. Everything she's wearing is handmade!

I've always admired her fantastic outdoor photography. Especially whe she's climbing on basically everything she comes across. So I tried my luck and climbed this birch tree.


It was scary as shit! I don't know how she does it :P

Here's some more pictures from the urban gardening part of Tempelhofer Feld.



Haha, that was it. We had loads of fun doing this shoot and I think the results are fairly awesome when you consider I could barely keep a straight face and not laugh the entire time.

So that's why there were a ton of outtakes, here are some of my favorite ones:

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  1. Was für ein schöner Post! Mir hat das Shooting auf dem Tempelhofer Feld Megaspaß gemacht. Sag Bescheid, wenn du mal wieder jemanden zum Fotografieren brauchst. Ich bin jederzeit wieder mit dabei!


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